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What’s uuuup, ang dami kong updates!

I feel kinda productive today at work, I updated some of my clients about what’s happening to their projects so far (that is — nothing lol) just to get it out of my system. I mean, not hearing anything about your project can be quite frustrating, and personally not being able to move a project to completion is stressing me out. 

I’ve been worrying about my work lately ‘cos I feel like there’s too much on my table right now, and none of them and inching to the finish line. I’m at the point where I don’t wanna see my stakeholders around the office because I’m afraid they’d ask, “oh kamusta na yung project namin, tagal na nun ah?” Like OMG how do I tell you I’m not done with yours yet and that it will take a lot of time because I’m so currently swamped. Can we not see each other anymore? Char.

But yeah, being able to update them at least, that there are some delays, that we’re not moving yet, it’s good enough for me right now. At least I told them what’s up. At least I did something and not have them wait in vain?
So yeah, while waiting for some action items, I’m here tackling another project that’s been looong forgotten because of how complex it is. Lord help me!
Anyway, despite the stress I feel at work, which is all on me I know I know, I feel generally okay.
Enough about today. Let’s backtrack the past weeks!
Started going to the gym regularly (since August 12!)

I’ve been working out consistently for the past two weeks. I signed up for a one-month access to our condo gym and have been going there to do some bike exercises regularly. I’m proud to say there was a week where I worked out 6 out of 7 days, even though I’m just striving to be active at least 3x a week. On that said week, I went to the gym 3x, played badminton 2x, and did a Drop 10 workout once. It was a freaking exhausting week but no regrets! As iiin. But yeah of course that was an extraordinary week, I’m not about to push myself too hard. My knees will give up lol. 
CR selfie!
But weeeeell, even with regular workout my weight doesn’t seem to be changing. In fact I’ve been gaining weight huhu! Really need to be serious with dieting to complement the workout. Aja!
Took a badminton training class with my colleagues (August 17)

With Coach Martin Choi (leftmost)
Our first session was so physically draining. Warm up pa lang ubos na buhay kooo, but it was sooo fulfilling. Learning the proper way of holding a racket, getting to ready position, swinging a forehand, and doing footwork, it’s a lot to take in with just one session so I really have to practice it!
Which is why the next day, I made sure to play badminton! Badminton nights are a regular thing with my in-laws every Sunday, it’s just now that Jeckie and I have finally prioritized joining, after agreeing on a parentals schedule that will work for both of our families. We used to skip it because our Sundays are usually planned this way: mornings at church, lunch til afternoon with in-laws, and dinner til late night at my parents’. Most of the time we can’t attend to both families in just one day so we decided to just split our weekends to Saturdays = chores and my family, then Sundays = church and my in-laws. So far so good? We’re not getting too tired from moving all over QC! Haha
Watched a gig with Sunday Radio (August 18)
After our badminton game we went to watch a friend’s gig near our in-laws’ place. I’m never a fan of watching gigs but every time I do I always leave amazed with how different it is hearing something live vs on studio. It was awesome, I enjoyed it so much!
Holiday well spent (August 21, 2019)

Oh this holiday was so packed for me. I woke up early to get our car checked for its 30km PMS. Since we’re past the three year Toyota warranty, we decided to just have our car serviced at a trusted auto clinic instead of at Toyota Service Center. Upon the recommendation of VCP members on Facebook, I drove the car to Patch Power Auto Clinic and Spa at Pasig.
Diagnosis seems fine and they were able to finish the routine check and maintenance in just around 30 minutes. I was so surprised! I thought it would take hours. The last time I had my PMS done at Toyota, it took me 5 friggin hours just to get my car back. They boast of 1 hour express service and yet didn’t warn us of a freakishly long waiting time. Argh.
This PMS only cost me ₱4,450 – parts and labor included. Can you believe it? And Toyota gave me a quote of ₱7,494 for the same service. What a scam.
After having the car checked, I drove to SnR to grab some Swiffer wet floor wipes.
Well, that was the plan. In the end I came out with 1k more worth of other items mostly consisting of food! I got apple pie and rotisserie chicken and couldn’t be happier! 
When I got home I did a quick workout (Drop 10!) and headed out for a full body massage hahaha. I thought I needed to reward myself because I’ve been so stressed and busy lately.
But actually, I just wanted to cheer myself up for breaking up with a client (first time!). I have a logo project that’s been eating my design mojo lately because I just couldn’t get what she wants. I ended things with her after I’ve already sent 3 logo studies which all failed her standards. I knew I can’t let this take more of my time anymore because it’s taking too long and we’re not getting closer to what she envisions for her brand. Also, I’ve come to realize that we’re really not a match and that I’m probably not the designer she’s looking for. We parted peacefully naman I guess, and I offered to refund the DP. She accepted and just took half na lang to compensate for the effort made. Err, thanks. 
It hurts when your work doesn’t get appreciated, and that’s how I felt the whooooole time I was working on this project. That’s the primary reason I had to let go.
My Saturday was packed too (August 24, 2019)
I had my last UA diode session with SkinStation, sa wakaaass!!! Here’s a blog post about it which I can finally close hahaha [Review] SkinStation Underarm Diode Laser Hair Removal
After the session I grabbed something from Healthy Options then ate at Auntie Anne’s. When I got home I realized I left my shopping bag at Auntie Anne’s and had to drive back to Shang to get it. Sobrang hassle huhu my thoughts were running wild that time. What if someone took my bag? That means I just wasted 300++ and parking fee huhu! But thank God because the staff kept my shopping bag, and my parking fee was waived because of their 15-minute grace period. Yehey!

Cooked chicken rogan josh for the fam! (Still August 24, 2019)

I promised my parents I’ll bring chicken masala for dinner but the sauce is out of stock when I went to the grocery so I opted with the next best thing, Indian curry rogan josh! Two packs of the sauce, 1.5 kilo of chicken meat, lots of onions, and 2 packs of greek yogurt and tenen!
They loved it!
Philippine Chili Festival 2019 (August 25, 2019)

My husband was so excited for this you know hahaha. He’s coming to judge the hot sauce making competion and also, of course, to hoard spicy stuff. I just came to support him really. Most of the time I was waiting for him to get done with judging, buti na lang I got Netflix to keep me company! Hahaha
At first I was weirded out that there’s an event so specific to chili lovers, but I was surprised at how much people came and how they all seemed to enjoy the happenings. There was a fresh Carolina Reaper eating competition, chili growing contest, and even an intiation rite for this uhm Labuyo lovers group? Grabe this niche!
And can I just say, what I enjoyed most about this event, because I’m not really a spicy lover, are the products – specifically the packaging and product presentation. 
Sobrang cool!


After the event we went straight to our weekly badminton thing. Had dinner with the family then headed home. 
Sobrang pagod na pagod katawan ko lamoyun?! And I really had to let this all out kasi baka makalimutan ko na sila!
Will end the post here because my PC needs to restart already lol. Ciao!