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Month: August 2019

  • What’s uuuup, ang dami kong updates!

    I feel kinda productive today at work, I updated some of my clients about what’s happening to their projects so far (that is — nothing lol) just to get it out of my system. I mean, not hearing anything about your project can be quite frustrating, and personally not being able to move a project… Continue reading

  • Life Lately and the long weekend

    Last Week I remember worrying about work in my previous post. Well, things aren’t better. It’s still the same. I don’t even think I’m moving forward in any of my tasks. Urgh. And then, the logo studies I was trying to finish? I didn’t make it to my deadline which is supposed to be last… Continue reading

  • Tangadan Falls Adventure!

    Super duper late post but who cares haha. I just don’t want to forget this event ‘cos it was so fun! We went to La Union during one long weekend in December last year and our itinerary included a trip to Tangadan falls. I was actually surprised that we were going somewhere else aside from… Continue reading

  • Looking around EaTogether Food Hall by Vikings at Capitol Commons

    Chanced upon this newly opened food court one weekend while doing the laundry hehe Disclaimer, I just looked around and didn’t buy anything cos Jeckie and I already decided we’d eat at Coco Ichibanya that day. Here’s what to see at the newly opened EaTogether Food Hall at Capitol Commons. Super nice and well designed… Continue reading

  • Swamped

    I have so many things I’m putting off doing at work that I’m starting to feel like it’s gonna bite me anytime now, specially in the coming weeks. Whew! First, I’ve been delaying on this RPA project for so long because it scaaares meee. How do you handle this? I keep on pushing it in… Continue reading

  • Smart Tips to Start Socialising Again

    Photo from Pixabay It’s a lot easier to start isolating yourself from others than you might think, especially if you’re a naturally introverted person. Maybe you work from home or spend a lot of your time doing something that doesn’t require you to leave the house, like playing video games. You might go through a… Continue reading