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Ah, something to dream about

Apple finally makes the iPad mini compatible with the Apple Pencil! I got really excited when I learned about it. I almost immediately wanted to get one. Key word: ALMOST. We all know I’ve got no money to spare for unnecessary things like that. Actually I just have no money, period. Haha
I’m still good with my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 with S-Pen, even though I hardly use it to sketch nowadays. So see, it’s not like I’m gonna love drawing again when I get my hands on an iPad. I bought a tablet with stylus for the purpose of reading and sketching, but the stylus isn’t quite fit for the latter, and tablet too heavy for the former. Then again, maybe I’m just not that talented, and not much of a reader too. It’s not about the tool right? It’s what you make of it. Anyway. Peso power of the wifi only variant plus the first gen apple pencil rounds at ₱30,000. Hmmm….
So what’s new?
Nothing much, really.