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About this weekend

God has been so gracious to us this week, super! Friday night Jeckie was supposed to come home early because his stomach isn’t feeling well. So yeah he was about to go home, but the car won’t start so he was stuck for a while hahaha. He figured it’s a battery problem. Our options: Motolite 24/7 delivery or Petron roadside assist.

Called Petron to seek help in jumping the car but was denied because we didn’t qualify for their free assistance. Apparently, we needed to gas up around 5k/month to qualify and our last transaction was 4 months ago pa hahaha.

How useless, we don’t even spend 5k per month on gas and we barely fill up at Petron anymore since there’s a Clean Fuel nearby. Nearer and cheaper. Okay, anyway

Jeckie’s officemates came to the rescue and he was advised to just jump the car and get an Amaron battery later. Thank God for his friends, they were able to get a jumper cable, and start the car. After a while he was able to drive home safely, with one of his friends even following him closely behind in case the car conked along the way. He had to drive with every battery operated thing off except for the engine and headlights, to conserve power. So no aircon, no signal lights, no hazard, no radio, no dashcam, no everything. Just the bare minimum to arrive home in one piece.
When he got home I took care at having the battery replaced. I searched all over Facebook for recommended Amaron models and suppliers who can deliver to our area.

I couldn’t wait for opening hours so I tried to message some of them if there’s any chance they can delivery asap lol. The quickest to reply and offer its services was Dremzie’s Battery so I went ahead with them. Delivery took around 30 minutes and kuya Darwin from the shop was kind enough to let me record the process for future reference!

Dremzie’s is an official sponsor of a car group I’m on at Facebook so I never doubted haha.
FYI, I’m not car savvy but I enjoy lurking around car groups on Facebook because I’m learning a lot hahaha.

Dahil dyan, here’s a Youtube video of the installation of Amaron Hi Life on a Toyota Vios. I was meaning to learn here okay so I was talking to kuya Darwin while he does his thing.

This couldn’t have happened any later as we had an important trip the next day. So imagine our relief that it happened right when it did!

Yehey for a new battery! Not the best color out there but who cares. Ako lang to hahahaha. Like why would you choose a battery because of its color lol. Hopefully this would last like The Hulk lol.

The following day, we woke up early to get ready for a friend’s wedding. It’s my first time in a looong time to participate in the entourage and maaaaan was it a challenging feat, physically. Call time was early and we had to drive almost two hours to get to the preps venue, a resort situated at a very very very high point at Baras, Rizal.

I kid you not, as we approached the resort, we saw this road on the side which was terribly inclined. Sabi ko pa, grabe naman yung kalsada na yun sobrang taas! Everyone in the car agreed. And just like that… surprise! That’s the frkn road to the venue! Yehey! My head was shaking in disbelief. But I had to trust the car. Hindi naman pala ganon kalala, I didn’t even have to lower the gear. I also didn’t have enough bwelo but it sustained just fine. Maybe the new battery has something to do with it haha but yeah, I thank the Lord for keeping us safe!

Sobrang haggard mag-preps. Dibaaaaa? But I’m not complaining because it’s just as fun as it is exhausting. I gained new friends and truly enjoyed myself! This wedding was so beautiful despite the heavy downpour. Our gowns and shoes were soaked in mud but we didn’t mind! ♡

Here’s a collage of a few photos! I hardly feel pretty about myself but heeeeeyyy a layer of foundation, eyebrows on fleek, and a truly long lasting and waterproof lipstick and this girl is feeling GGSS that day.

We were so tired on the way home but we still managed to stop by Metrowalk for a Japanese fix at Nommu Yakitori Izakaya. We had sushi, sashimi, miso soup, and uzura bacon. Ang saraaaaap! ♡

Definitely July’s highlight! ♡