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Month: July 2019

  • About this weekend

    God has been so gracious to us this week, super! Friday night Jeckie was supposed to come home early because his stomach isn’t feeling well. So yeah he was about to go home, but the car won’t start so he was stuck for a while hahaha. He figured it’s a battery problem. Our options: Motolite… Continue reading

  • Surefire Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While You’re Travelling

    You spend all year daydreaming about your holiday; don’t you? Where to go, the kinds of adventures you’ll have – and picture yourself out there in paradise – blissful! Photo from Pexels But although we all make lots of practical preparations –  it’s easy to forget our own bodies – and we shouldn’t do. Travel… Continue reading

  • Ah, something to dream about

    Apple finally makes the iPad mini compatible with the Apple Pencil! I got really excited when I learned about it. I almost immediately wanted to get one. Key word: ALMOST. We all know I’ve got no money to spare for unnecessary things like that. Actually I just have no money, period. Haha I’m still good… Continue reading

  • [Review] The Serviced Residences at Kasa Luntian

    To celebrate my parent’s 31st wedding anniversary, I booked a staycation for the family at Kasa Luntian, Tagaytay. We all enjoyed our stay, and wished we could extend but oh well, we’ll just come back next time! The Serviced Residences at Kasa Luntian is part of an Alveo Land development located along Tagaytay-Calamba road. Kasa… Continue reading

  • 4 Ways To Break Out Of Your Workout Rut

    Photo from Pexels It can happen to the best of us. After weeks and months of trying to take our fitness routine to the next level, we get into a rut. It might be because of tiredness, especially if we have been pushing ourselves too hard. Or it might be because we are bored with… Continue reading

  • Life Lately

    In the format of The Sunday Currently. Lovely break of day Blogging on Sundays just doesn’t work for me anymore as I’m mostly out with family. The only time I get to blog is when it’s down time in the office, which you know, happens quite a lot lol. So I’m sure to always have… Continue reading