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All clear

I thought I was gonna be late for work today so thank God I beat the time by a minute! Whew. Also, when I came in to the CR to freshen up there’s this girl whom I always see and quite honestly didn’t like at first ‘cos she looks like a snob and takes forever to fix herself in front of the mirror. She was on the side of the sink where the hand dryer is so I had to excuse myself while I dry out my crying pits. Commuting is hell specially when you’re trying to beat the clock. She moved aside as I dry myself, and I get it ‘cos the air is hot yknow. I said sorry it’s just too hot, and she said it’s okay and smiled. And it felt like okay I think she’s actually nice and we can be friends! She does look friendlier when she’s smiles, everybody does right? I just tend to judge people based on their resting face. But smiling just kinda gives you an approachable glow diba?

Anyway. 99% of the time my first impressions always prove me wrong. And this encounter pretty much puts it a fraction closer to a perfect score. Yey.