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Month: May 2019

  • Ah, life

    Currently slaving on a project I should’ve finished last month. I kept procrastinating on this because I knew I’d be able to stumble on a more elegant solution to my dev enquiries. And I did! I’m done with the code and I’m doing some testing and validation before moving to UAT. I’m glad I tested… Continue reading

  • 5 Possible Reasons You Can’t Get To Sleep

    For some of us, getting to sleep can be a real mission. It can result in hours of tossing and turning, which can become more frantic as it gets to the early hours of the morning. There are many factors that can stop us from getting to sleep easily. Here are five possible reasons you… Continue reading

  • [Solved] Cannot link Paypal to GCash

    After a bazillion years of trying to get GCash to respond properly to my concern, I finally got the answer I’m looking for. I don’t want to go into the details of how frustrating it is to deal with GCash support kasi ayoko ma-highblood so let’s just get into the details of why I wasn’t… Continue reading

  • Frustrating! Why you can’t link your BDO Debit Mastercard in GCash

    Last update: October 2, 2019 (Successfully linked BDO Mastercard to GCash!) Long story short, BDO blocks GCash transactions because it considers it a high risk app. According to a BDO customer support agent, Mastercard has added more security layers in its platform restricting several apps, like GCash, from transacting with your bank account in order… Continue reading

  • Niggling Pains That Can’t Be Ignored

    Image by Ernesto Eslava from Pixabay Nobody likes being in pain, but one of the most common complaints that people have, is that they’re in some sort of pain. Whether it be because they’re aching, because they’ve got a medical problem, or something has just started causing severe pain out of the blue. There are… Continue reading

  • Life Lately

    I missed to write daily accounts of what’s up this week so I’m just gonna share what’s happening to me so far. Errr… Wala naman hahaha. Nothing interesting. I finally got a desk for our room, something I’ve been wanting to buy for months but can’t ‘cos it was out of stock for a while… Continue reading