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Month: March 2019

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    Preparing for Retirement in Your Twenties

    In your twenties, you might feel as though you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. You’d be right of course, even in your late twenties, you are still young. You’re yet to experience any signs of age, your body is still youthful, and you feel alert and filled with energy. You’ve still got years…

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    Feeling lost

    Venue of the 2nd RPA Philippines Summit Our water supply is back to normal I guess it’s been a week since our water is back to normal. We returned our excess water containers to my parents and just kept 15 gallons worth of empty ones, which is as much as we can keep given our…

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    4 Essential Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin

    Photo from Pexels 1. Swap to a lighter foundation Now, I don’t mean that you need a lighter tone of foundation, after all, I can see you through the computer! Instead what I’m talking about here is swapping a to a lighter coverage foundation, one that isn’t so heavy and so does not clog up…

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  • Uhh late post

    I completely forgot about this lol. Written last Monday haha. Fire alarm went off in our building earlier during work and we were told to evacuate. We don’t know the reason yet. Some say it started at B1 parking level, some say it started from B4 or B5. Nobody knows. I thought it was a…

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  • Today, we won. Or did we?

    The queue for our daily water ration. Photo grabbed from our condo’s fb group Oh gosh, the water situation in our district is soooo bad I’ve been taking showers at the office for the past 3 days. They started scheduling water supply on Monday, opening the valves 3 times a day for 2 hours at…

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  • Heya

    I don’t know what’s taking them so long to send me my rejection letter. The more they delay it, the more hopeful I get so you know why not just whack my dreams dead on time right? We have this group chat on Telegram where people have shared their application status, and almost all of…

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