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Month: February 2019

  • Singapore Day 3: Bugis Junction, Central Perk, Lau Pa Sat again!

    Today we planned on buying pasalubong, so where else should we be headed to? Bugis Junction Nothing has changed since the last time I went here. The place sells all kinds of pasalubong you would want to take home. From shirts, ref magnets, chocolates, and other items, this is pretty much a Greenhills of sorts. … Continue reading

  • While waiting…

    While waiting for my script to finish running, I’m writing this post to express how loaded with work I feel right now. I have a testing project that’s taking sooooo friggin long because the stakeholders required for several machines to be tested. With 5 scenarios running in 5 iterations for each machine, we’re talking about… Continue reading

  • Life Lately

    Supermoon in sight! I didn’t really want to break my SG Diary blog series by posting a Life Lately in between, but well, I just want to update my dear blog about what’s happening with my life. //Singapore Highlight of this month is still the Singapore trip, the recruitment process to be exact. I’m so… Continue reading

  • Singapore Day 2: Old Airport Rd. Food Centre, Jollibee, and the Gym!

    We didn’t have anything touristy planned for our second day, being it’s my exam day and I’m stressed enough as it is just thinking about it. The real reason we came to Singapore is to attend a recruitment roadshow where I was invited to take an exam, and attend a technical interview and assessment. Today… Continue reading

  • Singpore Day 1: Holiday Inn, Lau Pa Sat, and Marina Bay

    My husband and I spent 5 days in Singapore last week and here’s how it went down! Bye Manila, you won’t be missed. It was our first international trip together so we were sooo excited. We toured a lot, spent a lot on food, and made really good memories of the place! Singapore is insanely… Continue reading

  • A week at Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong

    Holiday Inn Express Katong is probably the most affordable HIEx franchise in Singapore. It’s near Changi airport and is located at a quiet neighborhood. The hotel is clean, modern, and everything is well maintained. Here’s a quick tour of the hotel, our room, its amenities, and everything else! The Lobby The lobby is located at… Continue reading