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Hey December!


Last month’s challenge was a success. I didn’t have a single late for the month of November and it was so rewardiiiiiing having to see no deductions on my payslip. I have decided to build healthier habits this 2019 so to somehow give myself a head start, I challenge myself with something everyday, just to see how far my resolve goes hahaha.

If November was all about not coming late to work, this month’s challenge is much harder and requires (at least for me) much more uhm discipline. Unlike No Late November, this challenge requires me to be mindful of the entire day. So guys, with a heavy yet hopeful heart, I’m doing…

NO RICE DECEMBER…. 10 onwards hahaha

I’ve done this a lot of times but I never kept tabs, so I keep on failing. No Rice December is as simple as it sounds. I’m not totally eliminating carbs, just rice. I’ve done this before and while the habit never stuck with me, it did come with noticeable results so why not try it again? Yes! I’m doing the challenge at the worst timing possible but it’s actually a win-win because you know, I have the Christmas season to blame if I fail! Makes it easier for me to restart next month bwahaha.

This isn’t to say I’m free to be late this month, nope. I’m continuing No Late November but I’ll stop taking tabs on it, I figured I’ve logged enough to continue to stick by it even without having to report about it haha.

Also, I’m quitting logging my expenses because there’s never really a ceiling to it. Naks anurawww? As long as I don’t use up all my allowance I’m good hehe. As for my sleep goals, I’ve stopped actively monitoring it because I feel hopeless looking at the numbers. I never get enough sleep, as iiiin. If it’s not cooking or cleaning the house that’s eating my time, it’s watching KDrama and finishing my writing backlogs (which I have 2 of right now lol). So yeah, it’s always a busy day for me huhu.

So to recap my last week… wow wala pa tayo sa recap hahaha

December 10 to 14

I’m proud to say I survived an entire week without rice. I also added a side-goal of doing at least 100 skips (on a rope, like skip rope? what’s the proper term for this haha) everyday in an effort to add a bit of physical activity in my lethally sedentary lifestyle. Since I started, I’ve moved up to 200 skips a day. Isn’t that rewarding?! Hahaha Unfortunately I don’t see myself moving to the next level. 200 is probably my max. I can’t even do it without resting, I do 20 skips times 10 reps with about a minute of rest in between hahaha wow. such strength.

A major downer for the previous week was arriving late once because it was coding day. AAARGH. I was internally crying at the bus when the clock hit 3:59 and I’m still stuck at Ayala Ave. Hay.

Friday last week a took a leave from work because I miss my parents so much. I went to Fairview to spend time with them and eat dinner, and I also spent the night because Jeckie won’t be home ’til morning anyway. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to not seeing mommy, daddy, and my sister terai. It still makes me feel sad knowing we live in different cities now! If only they could move closer?! Hahaha *wishful thinking*

Soooooo, that’s a wrap. Nothing really interesting about my last week haha. Off to writing about childhood trauma and weighted blankets!