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Month: December 2018

  • Hey December!

    Last month’s challenge was a success. I didn’t have a single late for the month of November and it was so rewardiiiiiing having to see no deductions on my payslip. I have decided to build healthier habits this 2019 so to somehow give myself a head start, I challenge myself with something everyday, just to… Continue reading

  • Decorating with Prints Without Having an Art Attack

    Photo from Art is a fantastic leveller. Even the dullest and boring spaces come to life when there is a painting which acts as a focal point. Anyone can use it to their advantage as long as they aren’t amateurs and therein lays the problem. The majority of homeowners like what they like, yet… Continue reading

  • The week that was

    Last week in numbers: Spent ₱1,964.80 and slept an average of 6 hours and 15 minutes arggh And the highlight? I overcame the NO LATE NOVEMBER Challenge! Yeyyy Monday (Nov 26) ☽  Slept 7hrs 7mins ★ In at 3:42PM ✧ Spent ₱1,164.80 Our landlord is coming to visit tomorrow so I cleaned the house today.… Continue reading

  • Interior Design Trends 2019

    Photo from Pixabay A lot of people are excited for the new year. There is just something about new beginnings that can excite people. Of course, it can also be daunting because the future is not always known. There are different things that you can focus on such as the design of your home. It… Continue reading

  • Tricks to Never Make Your Party Boring

    Photo from Pixabay Being at a boring party will make you feel like you are wasting your time. You may think about so many other things that you can do with the time that you have. If you are going to throw the party yourself, you do not want your guests to feel that way… Continue reading