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The Sunday Currently (vol. 25)


I guess this is the first time this year I’m blogging on a Sunday. My last Sunday Currently was December 2017 can you believe it? Anyway, I still use this format in my Life Lately’s so it’s not like you haven’t heard from me haha.

What’s up?


This and some pending articles about travel and buying furniture in Miami.

To the faint sound of vehicles passing by.

About the things that transpired a few weeks ago til this week, work wise.

Nothing, my nose is clogged.

We had 3-day weekends. As in. I need 1 day for myself, 1 for my family, and 1 for church. Then I’d go window shipping to buy nice clothes. Like these stylish sweaters from ZAFUL (click here).

I need a more regular me time. Time to get my nails done, my eyebrows threaded, time for spa and time to window shop! How I wish!

Still Love in Moonlight when I’m alone, Designated Survivor and Kim’s Convenience when I’m with my husband!

That I was able to score three cute tops yesterday at Fishermall and I was able to conquer my fear of parking along the gutter. Going out was hell though but thank God for daddy Larry for patiently guiding me through it. Jusko babagsak gulong ko my goodnessss!

Some guidance on my career goals lol

To lose weight, as always!

Thankful about the recent happenings.