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Nothing. Still halfway through Dan Brown’s Inferno. I can’t remember when I last left off that I had to Google the title of the book kasi limot ko na, and alam ko lang Dan Brown, jusko hahaha. I updated my GoodReads and tagged it as Currently Reading ALTHOUGH, we all know how close it is to being tagged as DNF (Did not finish). There should be a GoodReads category for that.

DNF would be a purgatory where books either get forgotten for good, or re-read and finally finished. But they could also be stuck in a limbo of being read over and over but never finished. Yikes. But of course, what kind of reader would throw a book in limbo.

Nothing, but I have two pending articles about how to learn crossfit and how to stand out among your friends lol.

Nothing lol. Maybe I should write this off as “Life Lately and what to do next” no?

About what to do if we had won the Ultra Lotto 6/58 Jackpot yesterday. It was our first time to place a bet, just for fun. I asked my sister to place some numbers for a single draw. The digits came from my husband’s dream where he saw the figures 24% and 6,000. It’s not that straightforward so we tried to piece the numbers to see if it would give us 6 figures. Lo and behold, what came out of our pag-pupumilit maging prophetic and panaginip were the following numbers:


And of course it didn’t win (otherwise you woudn’t hear about this), but we had fun daydreaming about how to spend that insane amount of money. The pot was at 900M. 

Nothing. This question doesn’t really appeal to me, what should I replace this with?

I had parking privileges in our office. Today’s commute was so bad. It rained so hard when I left and by the time I was able to hail a cab I just got my second shower. My pants were completely drenched I could wring a handful from it. I should’ve brought the car but the uncertainty of a parking space kept me from getting the keys.

Alone: Love in the Moonlight (re-watching ‘cos I didn’t finish it last time)
With my husband: Designated Survivor Season 2 and Kim’s Convenience (when DS gets too heavy lol)

Hello Panda Matcha Green Tea biscuits

To get a full body massage before my period kicks in this week, aaaand manipedi!

To lose weight. The past few weeks have been so indulgent.

Useless at work. It could be just my lack of proactivity but I don’t feel like I’m doing something major at work. 🙁