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A week in expenses (also, down with flu)

So, my last money challenge was a bit of a fail. After 3 days of consistently taking the bus to work, I gave in during the last 2 days and took a cab/drove the car lol. Today is a new challenge, I’m cutting down on coffee expenses… kasi grabe that’s ₱140/day din pala I’m spending on coffee I could’ve just prepared at home if I only wake up earlier diba hahaha. So yeah, conscious effort tayo! And because I found that parking at Greenbelt 5 is more affordable, I’ll try to make sure I wake up early enough to arrive there with at least 20 mins allowance before my shift starts, because looking for a slot is a bummer and I still have to walk some 10 mins to the office.

Monday (Oct 22) – ₱260

○ Parking at the office building – ₱260

Today I failed to avoid parking at the office lol, but I did make sure not to spend anything more than the parking fee because I want to put a ceiling on my daily expenses. ₱260/9hrs is too hefty for parking alone.

Tuesday (Oct 23) – ₱110

○ Parking at Greenbelt 5 – ₱110

Our office had an event so I was able to score dinner yay!

En route to work I spotted this new Toyota Innova side by side (almost) with a Fortuner. And can I just say, Innova na talaga dream car ko ngayon hahaha. It’s so beautiful hahaha and the rear side almost has that Fortuner appeal. I love it.

Wednesday (Oct 24) – ₱262

○ Cab going to the office – ₱122
○ Cab going to home – ₱140

My manager updated my schedule to 4PM-1AM after seeing how many lates I’ve incurred this month. I personally wanted to stop him and just ignore my lates, I’ll just face the deductions, but I think it was in his goodwill to offer so I agreed and apologized. So now, my brain is wired to think 4:59pm is the new late and it sucks haha. Huhu.

Thursday (Oct 25) – ₱95

○ Parking at Greenbelt 5 – ₱70
○ Eggpie form the pantry – ₱25

My head feels so heavy right now, I almost didn’t want to come to work. Aaaaand, I gave in. I took a half day sick leave today because I really couldn’t bring myself to focus on my work anymore. I was so sick from… flu I guess? I don’t know what it is exactly but I have colds, my throat hurts, and I’m feeling feverish. I knew I got it from my husband ‘cos he was sick last week, and for some reason a lot of my officemates were sniffing like crazy too.

I tried to rest at our office’s sleeping quarters but failed to get even a minute of quality sleep because the room was full and two girls were snoring loudly lol. I was hoping to let the heavy traffic pass but I have no place to rest in the office so I just left early.

Friday (Oct 26) – ₱245

○ Jollibee – ₱150
○ McDo – ₱95

Today I spent the day trying to recover. I filed another sick leave. My eyes are so frkn heavy. Remind me not to take nasal decongestants anymore, I think I’m good with just paracetamol. And because I have no strength to cook, I decided to eat out. Grabe this day, I’m super weak but I drove myself out to eat fastfood hahaha. I have no appetite but I knew I had to eat something, pero hindi ako nabubusog, alam nyo yon?! Kaya super lamon ako today argh. Thank God my husband stayed at home din… to work, but also to take care of me lol.

I missed the Halloween Night at the office because of this frkn flu. Sayang free food haha.


Hooray for spending less than 1k this week!