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Allow me to rejoice internally as I successfully accomplish all of my pending work today. Work being not my regular job, but my uhm, extra job. I need to decide what to call it, it’s getting ridiculous having to explain every time.

I crammed writing 4 articles this weekend because they were so overdue. Then I had to deal with this project that’s taking forever to finish because my client keeps asking to add more elements to it. More illustrations, more photos, more words! And because I only got paid to do a specific layout, naturally I had to charge some more for additional elements. Urgh. But you know what, it’s starting to look really good. Once I get all the branding elements done, it’s just a matter of laying them out to whatever paraphernalia they need. Right? Riiiiight.

Now for my third client. This one’s new and exciting. It’s for a new logo and I just submitted the proposals today. Hoping for the best.

That’s for today. How were the other days for me?
Friday last week Jeckie and I went to QC to play badminton and visit the parentals. We weren’t able to invite other people because it was kinda biglaan and QC pa so malayo from the people we would’ve invited. We reserved a court at Kalayaan Badminton Court, and man I cried in nostalgia. Also because I missed playing there, and I missed QC rates! Imagine, for 1 hour of playtime we only paid 365, that’s already including 2 bottles of gatorade. Now, it it were in Makati, we would’ve paid 75 each for entrance fee and 375 per hour or court use. We’re too poor to get gatorade then.

After badminton I went to Fairview to visit my parents, and Jeckie stayed at his parents’ in QC to sleep hehe. My sister and I drove to S&R, I drive to, she drives back and parked the car as well. I’M SO PROUD OF MY ATE! First time she drove for me! Looking forward to our roadtrips!

Saturday morning I went back to QC to visit a friend’s wake. One of my college friends died this month due to a complication of diseases which started from ascites disease and then progressed to a possible cancer. I don’t know the exact details. She was too young. She had a baby. She’s the first of my friends (my age) to die. I didn’t know what to feel. 🙁

After visiting the wake I came by my parent’s place again. This time to celebrate father’s day. We bonded and ate at a restaurant, then they drove me back to Mandaluyong. But not before dropping by at Shangri-la to shop. I was meaning to go home early because, like I said, my articles are overdue lol, but I couldn’t resist it!

Oh, Jeckie wasn’t with us because he had a wedding to attend to.

The next day, I woke up feeling super sick. Missed church but made habol to merienda with Jeckie’s family at, guess where, Shang ulit lol.

Then we went home, tried to finish 2 articles, failed, watched Breaking Bad with Jeckie, slept.