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Month: June 2018

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    Life Lately

    Wow we’re halfway through the year wth. Thinking about our parking situation I’ve been contemplating a lot*** about renting a parking space at our condo so that my husband and I can enjoy having a car during the weekends. And also so we could invite our parents over when the slot is free. But the…

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  • What’s up

    Allow me to rejoice internally as I successfully accomplish all of my pending work today. Work being not my regular job, but my uhm, extra job. I need to decide what to call it, it’s getting ridiculous having to explain every time. I crammed writing 4 articles this weekend because they were so overdue. Then…

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  • Watched: A Korean Odyssey

    Watched this over Netflix and had a hard time finishing the series because it became dragging for me (sorry!). It’s really from TVN but it says it’s a Netflix original? I don’t know the difference hehe. If you’re not familiar with it, go ahead and watch it! Otherwise, you may want to skip this one.…

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    Throwback: Happy 6 years in the workforce!

    I caaaaan’t believe it! I’m getting old. :O This deserves a throwback so bear with me as I try to recount my entire work history, its ups and downs, and how I got where I am today… which is the present, not like I’m at a certain peak yknow hehe. If there’s a peak I’ve…

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    Unpopular Opinion: Graphic design pricing edition

    Oh my gosh I’m so fed up with all these artists saying you should price your shit higher because don’t you have bills to pay? have some self worth naman you don’t deserve that you’re dragging the industry down they’ll think all Pinoy artists are cheap blah blah blah … especially to young people who…

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