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[Review] Dinner at Naan Indian Street Kitchen at Kapitolyo

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Naan is an Indian restaurant located at D Strip, United st., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It’s definitely not authentic so don’t expect too much but their Filipino/Western fusion menu is the bomb! It’s a great place to dine in if you want to be introduced to Indian food without getting overwhelmed with new flavors. If you happen to like it here, I’m sure you’d enjoy real authentic Indian restaurants next (ie. New Bombay, Queens at Bollywood, Gilak)!
On to the food, here’s what we had:

Vegetable Samosa (₱150)
Size is small, and the shell is very thick, not much fillings inside. Still very tasty though! But they only serve tamarind dip, no mint-cilantro dip huhu. 7/10

Cheese-stuffed green chilli pakoras (₱150)
Here’s a new favorite! The chillis taste great, the cheese is perfect and dip is awesooooome. 9/10

Butter Paneer (₱220)
Sauce seems more watery instead of creamy, but overall it tastes great and really perfect for Naan. 8/10

Fried Butter Chicken Curry (₱360)
Another good find! I don’t usually like crispy fried chicken (except chickenjoy) but their breading is soooo good and the sauce is exploding with flavors. You have to try this! 9/10

Cardamom spiced sweet lassi
I forgot the price of this but I didn’t like it that much because the cardamom is too strong haha. Hubby liked it though.

Naan (₱35)
Tastes exactly like it’s supposed to haha. Pretty small too so get a bunch of these if you must!

Price range for 2 people is around ₱700-₱1000. Is it worth it? Price-wise, nope because you can get more authentic flavors for the same price. But heck, it’s obviously fusion so I’m just babbling here hehe. But like I said if you haven’t tried Indian food, this place is a great intro. My husband and I are total Indian food lovers and we we’re looking for nearby Indian restaurants to try, but having dined at Queens, Gilak, and New Bombay gave Naan an unfair bar to beat haha. Kasi nga it’s fusion, ang kulit!

Anyway the place is bright and colorful. Ambiance looked friendly, the staff are attentive. I loved the colors in this place, their logo, the walls, and even their plates!

Too bad they only accept cash!

Will probably try it again here, must go back for Chilli Pakoras! And of couse, must tryTikka Masala and their hummus too!

Naan Indian Street Kitchen
D Strip, 20 United st.,
Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City