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3 tips to maintaining your motorcycle

Motorcyles are increasingly becoming a popular mode of transportation for many. Thanks to the harrowingly distressing traffic situation in most metros, motorbikes have become a sound solution to getting from point A to point B without sitting in traffic for hours. If you own a bike, no doubt you need to take proper care of it so it always delivers. Here are 3 motorcycle maintenance tips you should know about:
1. Check your tires

Make it a habit to always inspect your bike before each ride. Make sure both tires are properly inflated to avoid excess heat coming from the rubber. Your tire’s tread is also an important part to check. If the tread looks worn out below the wear bars and if the rubber looks smooth, it’s probably time to replace your tires. You can check cheap motorcycle tires on BikeBandit.com. Or if you want to something different, ATV mud tires may just be right for you.

2. Check the chains

The motorcycle chain powers a lot of important systems in your motorcycle. By keeping it properly maintained, you are ensuring your travels are safe and your bike is under optimal condition. Have it cleaned and lubricated regularly to avoid rusting and breaking. Majority of the lube should be sprayed on th chain’s inside to avoid fling. A broken chain could damage your engine and make you susceptible to accidents especially if it happened to break on the road. When a chain snaps it could get caught in the rear wheel, causing you to be stranded on an emergency.

3. Check the brakes

Faulty brakes are a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Regularly clean your brakes to ensure they deliver the correct braking power when you need it. Use a proper brake cleaner to help remove dust on the discs and also lubricate the braking system. Routine brake maintainance certainly a dirty job but the consequences are grave if you decide to skip it.

There are many benefits to riding a motocycle. Compared to a car, it’s actually easier to maintain. You can park it easily as well and you can go and stop anywhere you want. It’s very flexible in traffic and looks very cool.