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Not so quick update!


I’ve been working on this video application for so long now I wonder if my boss is getting pissed off already at my award winning progress. First few weeks of my fumbling through the app I can’t record the darned thing. I tried different protocols. Correlated like crazy using Web/Http, dived through the browser settings of TruClient in hopes unchecking something would work, and even tried my luck with MediaPlayer protocol (which is the bomb if only the video we’re recording had a single source URL). Pero waley talaga nakakaiyak. I wanted to sink from embarrassment at how long it’s taking me to tackle this project. The first I’m working on individually. So you know, pressure. That is what you are.
I sought help from everyone I could possibly ask, my team mates here, my team mates from my previous work, and even my lead from the US. Can you believe it. To no avail.

But what have you, just last week they shuffled our seats and suddenly I was able to record the app. What the heck right? Was it a network port thing? I have no idea why it suddenly started working. But thank God! Maybe it’s because I’m seated right next to my manager now hahaha. Magic.

But of course the problem isn’t over. While I’m rejoicing at finally being able to upload the script to ALM, I needed to test if we can hit 250 concurrent users with just 4 operational load generators. Truclient is a gluttonous bitch.

//More work
I have an article due tonight about hair loss shampoos. How exciting. This piece marks my 134th article to date. That’s roughly 67,000 words in the past 8 months! I’m not quitting because it keeps my Paypal alive and helps me pay my credit card bills yehey. Thank you Loooord!

Actually if I don’t get regularized this is my fall back. I’ll apply full time and write 8 articles a day. Pero wag naman sana lol. I love being a corporate slave.

//Even more work

I just finished a logo project for a photo booth business. I enjoyed this one because I got to learn After Effects on the fly. Now I gotta add that to my skillset yeheyy. It’s the first time I received a logo order with a video animation add-on. At first I didn’t want to accept it, but the client gave a youtube tutorial as reference and I wanted to try it before declining the work. Needless to say it was pretty easy to execute so yehey for additional charges hahaha.

//Tons more work to come
I have a project right now that’s gonna be one of my biggest design projects to date because I have to deliver so much. Logo, posters, maps, corporate giveaway designs, business cards, tarpaulin, etc. I AM SO EXCITED HUHU.

//And another
I have a wedding invitation project coming along too. Finally back to layouting!

//Last but not the least
My Merch by Amazon application just got approved. After 9 freaking months! I almost forgot about this haha. This means I have to hustle making 10 shirt designs in 3 months and upload them to the platform. It also means I have to open a Payoneer account to get a US bank account. Uuuurgh. Hassle pero grabe this is soooo freaking exciting. Just reading about Merch excites me. Off to search for trending and evergreen shirt ideas! <3

Yep. That’s it for now.