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The Sunday Currently (vol. 24)


Long time no Sunday Currently! I didn’t really want to go back to this format, but I needed to organize my thoughts haha so yeah. It’s already Monday but my Sunday hasn’t ended yet so. Who cares.

My husband asked me if I have trust issues because I have trouble warming up to people, don’t have any “close” friends, and doubts every claim advertisements make (but really, who doesn’t). He also thinks I’m borderline conspiracy theorist with the amount of skepticism I show with things, adding he wouldn’t be surprised if I thought the earth was really flat. We’ve already discussed it but I don’t think I made my point clear so imma get defensive here instead hahaha.
1. I’m pretty easy to be friends with, but my natural aloofness will make me doubt if I’ve really made friends. LOL. 

2. I have close friends but I’m not big on hanging out because aside from gastos, I also grow distant with people I don’t see regularly. I’m bad at keeping in touch too so I’m not sure if I could still consider my old best friends as my close friends til now. I’m plagued with thoughts like, what if they’ve changed? What if they don’t get my jokes anymore? Are we still close? Can I still tease you? Aaaaa-aaaa-aaaaah. Identity crisissssss. And in terms of hanging out, I prefer to be alone so there’s really nothing conclusive in this sentence sorry hahaha.

3. I’m actually pretty gullible, and I’m only fascinated with conspiracy theories. I hardly believe them… even though I have one (which I’m saving for a novel, or selling to Dan Brown HAHAHA). Anyway, I just don’t believe in ads so much because hello has anybody measured how Safeguard kills 99.9% of germs off-cam on an actual hand?! Nope. Because we don’t have the tools, the bacteria meter is fiction. So is that dandruff strip. And that germ-revealing UV gun. The media is the real spawn of satan. Misinformation, deceit, and thievery right under our noses. Charot. 

4. So yeah, I’m really just a very very shy person who’d rather keep her nose down.
Reading: Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game (what a swoonfest!). More on the book when I finally finish it. 
Writing: This. And according to my pending job list, I have 2 home improvement articles due tomorrow. Urgh.
Listening: Nothing, but I have a favorite playlist on Spotify: Classic Road Trip Songs. Rock and roll. Check it out.
Thinking: About how to save on electricity. We’re p500 over the budget this month huhu.
Smelling: Coconut scented massage oil from earlier’s swedish session at Mont Albo.
Wishing: We had tons of passive income right now.
Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine. Sobrang funny please watch iiiiit and let’s geek out? Definitely a favorite, next to Big Bang and 2 Broke Girls which I never finished haha.
Loving: Bulletproof coffee. I just tried it this morning with local ingredients and it tastes amazing. I once talked about BPC in my Battle Brew post years back, if you want more blah. I’ve been meaning to try it but the ingredients – grass-fed butter and MCT oil – sounds imported and expensive so I dropped the thought. But just recently I learned you can make it with regular brands (anchor, magnolia, arla) and virgin coconut oil. So yeah, I’m sold. I’m thinking tuloy how easy it is to make money out of this fad. I can just repackage local brands, give it a face-lift and slap all sorts of organic terms to lure people in. I’d sell it at a 300% markup and people will still think it’s cheap. Anyway.
Wanting: Money to pay my credit card.
Needing: To finish The Hating Game before the year ends. 
Feeling: Such a loser reading chick-lit. HAHAHA. What can I say? They’re the only types of books I like to read.