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10 places to dine in Los Angeles

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From classic steakhouses to vegetarian outlets served from seaside shacks to some of the most fine dining outlets, eating out in Los Angeles today is considered to be extremely exciting. The large number of food trucks and some offbeat joints have given a great boost to the gastronomical reputation of the city, transforming it into a true culinary haven. So no matter what your food preference may be, there is a restaurant to cater to your budget and every whim and demand.
1. Providence

Even though Los Angeles is a city right next to the Pacific Ocean, there are very few dining outlets providing good seafood options. This is where Providence has endeavoured to narrow the gap by offering a deft aquatic menu that aptly manages to bring the bounty of the Pacific to the table. Among the various choices displayed on the large menu, Maine Lobster, Norwegian Cod and King salmon steal the show. For those craving for a luxurious and sumptuous fare, the 16 course chef menu will delight you with caviar, truffles and the catch of the day.There are also lots of vacation rentals in Los Angeles that you would like to consider basing yourself.

2. Mh Zh

Pronounced mah-zeh, this strange restaurant features dishes from the middle east and extremely affordable prices. This relatively new restaurant has menus written by hand on bags made of brown paper.The seating is on an open patio and the best dishes on offer are lamb and tahini. Mh Zh is located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles CA.

3. Badmaash

Los Angeles is full of Indian eateries, ranging from large banquet spaces to casual food stalls.The Mahendroo family owned modern restaurant Badmaash, with vintage Bollywood posters adorning the walls, provides authentic Indian fare. Wines are sold by the glass or the bottle and there is a large collection of local beers to go with the excellent food.

4. Urasawa

Ask any food connoisseur as to which city has the best sushi in the US, and the universal reply would be Los Angeles. Sushi chefs, who been practicing their craft for years, can be found in most of the high end Beverly Hills restaurants. While there are quite a few affordable options, Urasawa heads the list of the top most sushi outlets in LA. The fish is flown in daily from Japan, and the meals can be served upto 25 carefully prepared incredible courses. This is sushi dining at its finest, so be prepared to dole out 500$ per person, and that too if you book early.

5. B.S. Taqueria

Los Angeles is a paradise for taco lovers, with streets literally crammed with people flocking to try out any possible taco variation. Whether a visitor or a local, head to B.S.Taqueria for the most juicy clams with thick corn tortilla underneath. All the tacos in this popular downtown spot are not only delicious, but innovative and tasty as well. New tastes are created by balancing the quality of the ingredients, which can be ideally topped with some fluffy churros to cap the meal.

6. Yang Chow

Los Angeles has many Chinese food options, with some of the best being congregated in the San Gabriel Valley region. From Peking duck to classic egg rolls, LA is a mecca for Chinese food lovers. This is where the family run Yang Chow, running since 1977, occupies the pride of place in Los Angeles. This outlet offers a staggering menu option of over 100 Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine, with the famous slippery shrimp being the star attraction with most customers. Its location in Chinatown offers other specialities like General Tseng’s chicken and kung pao squid, all reasonably priced.

7. All About the Bread

Los Angeles has a plethora of choices for the sandwich lover. Though the food truck, burger stand and farmer’s market are the obvious choices, All About the Bread is one joint which stands apart from the rest. The sandwiches served here are crisp from outside and soft inside, served with a range of ingredients like meatballs, turkey and mozzarella. The entire menu of All About the Bread is dedicated to quality and making good and proper sandwiches.

8. 101 Coffee Shop

Retro dining hot spots in Los Angeles are said to be some of the finest. The 101 Coffee Shop, a decade old outlet, costs a bit in dinner items, but has stand out dishes on the menu. Breakfast is a full day option here, with the pancakes, bacon and sausages being the most sought after. The ambience is perfect with the round pendant lamps casting a natural light on the blue tiles.

9. El Huarache Azteca

With Taqueria being available around every corner of Los Angeles, it may seem that Mexican food is the official cuisine here in this city. This south of the border fare has been drawing hordes of hungry fans to El Huarache Azteca, to relish the excellent Mexican huaraches, topped with beans, meat or vegetables. Apart from this signature dish the other recommended dishes are the quesadillas and barbacoa specials served with fresca made from fresh fruit.

10. Cheap food joints

Prices may have skyrocketed all over the city but there are plenty of places in Los Angeles where you can enjoy good food without making a hole in your pocket. From kebabs in Glendale to tacos at Leo’s Taco Truck, there are places where one can have a full meal at under 10$. If sandwiches is what you are looking for, head to Philippe the Original for some exquisite meaty French dip sandwiches, which have been retailing at this original outlet since 1951.