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Holiday Romance: Pros and Cons

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Disclaimer: this is a guest post.

A holiday romance can turn your vacation into a real adventure. But in order for such relationships to leave only good memories and not turn into bitter disappointment, you need to follow certain rules.

These tips were kindly provided by Jump 4 Love.
There are no people with whom it doesn’t happen. Once or several times, leaving good or, conversely, sad memories, a holiday romance happened with many. Holiday romances are good for those who know how to quickly let it go and forget; who is able to turn off emotions at the right time and turn on the mind again. It is also great for those who treat life easily, like thrills, don’t strive for serious relationships and don’t want to create a strong family. For such people, a holiday romance is like energy for their “battery” of love, new feelings, emotions, and impulses.

What are the pros of holiday romance? 

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Improvement of self-esteem. Nothing convinces a man of his irresistibility like compliments and attention from the opposite sex. But here it is necessary to be cautious because self-esteem can increase during romance, but greatly decrease after its completion.

Feeling of happiness. Going on vacation, most people leave their worries and problems at home and it helps them feel really happy. But this feeling can intensify into a hundredfold when you begin to communicate with new people and feel the obvious interest of beautiful girls.

New experiences and sensations. You met a new person and got a new experience of communication (not only mental). You can meet again in the future if it is really good to be together. Who knows, maybe you can start a relationship built outside carefree holidays. Undoubtedly, you can gain experience in personal relationships. Such a holiday romance doesn’t oblige you to anything. It allows you to fully reveal yourself and implement even the most intimate fantasies. You can remain yourself or play a role that you could only dream of at home, for example, to become a reckless hooligan.

Revaluation of life values. Perhaps, this is one of the most useful aspects of holiday romance. After a man experiences very strong emotions, he usually overestimates his own life and what was once important for him.

Careless life. You are perfectly rested, let all your feelings, desires, and impulses go, satisfy all your fantasies, allow yourself just to enjoy life. Love. This point is in the last positions completely not in vain, since such relations very rarely become serious. So, there is always a chance that you will be lucky and meet true love as in holiday romance movies.

What are the cons of holiday romance?

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Venereal diseases. No one should forget about one’s own protection. Whatever emotions and impulses you feel, no matter how this romance ends, including sexual relations, contraception may protect you from many possible unpleasant consequences! Don’t forget about it.

Scammers. Experienced scammers always know where they can profit. So, very often they go to different resorts. After all, it is very simple to deceive relaxed, having a rest and nothing unsuspecting holiday-makers. Therefore, be very careful and vigilant. You have to be very careful when getting acquainted with new people.

Suffering from unrequited feelings. If you are careless and fall in love with your new acquaintance, who doesn’t reciprocate to you, this can turn into a serious problem for you. But in addition to suffering from unrequited love, you can drive yourself into a kind of “emotional trap” that will not let you go any further and establish a serious relationship.