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Month: November 2017

  • When was the last time I read a book?

    Today I was reminded to get back to reading. I haven’t finished a book for the past yearsss and I’m kinda disappointed at myself. The only time I get to read something is when I research about the articles I’m writing. Other that that, no new novels finished. I remember being halfway through The Girl… Continue reading

  • Today

    Is my birthday! Nothing much really, ate with family, played with friends. I can say my 5-day weekend was well spent eating, working out, and writing on the sides. I’m not so big on birthdays to be honest, what a sign of aging haha. I would usually close my Facebook wall for greetings and hide… Continue reading

  • 5 Ready-To- Drink Protein Shakes for Women

    Disclaimer: this is a guest post. As a rule, the focus of most female users choosing a diet supplement is to cut calories and get a slim shape. Yet, some women are not satisfied with what has already been achieved and shift to another level that foresees putting on muscle mass. The way of weight… Continue reading

  • Money Diaries: a week in November

    In which I talk about my week by sharing my expenses. But first, here’s a giant Christmas tree being set up at the office. It’s maybe 3 floors tall. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The last time I did this was seven months ago, and back then it didn’t sound so legit because I still live with my… Continue reading

  • Holiday Romance: Pros and Cons

    Disclaimer: this is a guest post. A holiday romance can turn your vacation into a real adventure. But in order for such relationships to leave only good memories and not turn into bitter disappointment, you need to follow certain rules. These tips were kindly provided by Jump 4 Love. There are no people with whom… Continue reading

  • All the things we DIYed for our wedding

    Which would not be possible without my dear sister and maid of honor. Together we braved Divisoria to buy my wedding gown, our entourage flowers, and a lot of other stuff we need for making uhm, rustic accents haha. Mind you, I’m not a crafty person! While I consider myself creative, I prefer to concentrate… Continue reading