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Oh hi!


Hey blog! Long time no write! It’s been a while since my last real entry so let me fill you in with bullets. But first, a photo.

Shot by Dave Sarabia
  • 12 days a wife! Though I’m not really sure HAHA because apparently, the marriage contract we signed on the day of our wedding was outdated LOL. The civil registry suddenly decided to issue new forms with a different format so yeah that makes our contract invalid, charottt LOLOLOL. Thankfully, we’ve got a new form now and it’s out being routed to our principal sponsors for their signatures. ANG HASSLE POWHZ.
  • Overwhelmed with the gifts. Seriously, while Jeckie and I are aware we’re gonna rake in some cash especially that we mentioned to give monetary gifts instead on our invites – still, we didn’t expect them to pour in like that. We got a fraction of our wedding gastos back so thank you Looooorddd!
  • But of course it went by like a dream. Or like our salaries. Or like a snatcher. Basta. 
  • The days after our wedding were so freaking exhausting. Not because we got busy consummating our marriage LOL TMI na ba? But because we moved to a new place and had to haul a ton of things with us.
  • We’re renting a 1 bedroom unit in Mandaluyong which is barely furnished. HAHA I mean it’s really bare. We took it that way because it’s cheaper and we plan to get our own furniture and appliances anyway. Which we thought was easy BUT FRIGGIN NO. #TodayWeLearned
  • On our first day as a married couple we’ve managed to get an AC, a mattress, a stand fan, and a bonus knockout from exhaustion. 
//START KWENTO (but first, an ad banner)

  • Being the total newly-weds that we are, we were expecting that shopping would be a breeze. Just point and pay, and they’ll have it delivered to your house pronto! BUT NO. We didn’t think that deliveries have schedules haha. In the end, we had to look for items that have stock and can be pulled out immediately. And because we can’t fit a ref in our car, we hired a different mover for that who can deliver within the day. 
  • AC and foam mattress can’t fit in my car as well so we decided to get a 6-seater GrabCar for that. Which means Jeckie and I have to split ways. He goes with the Grab, and I drive the car to our condo.
  • Which stressed me out biiiiig time. It’s my first time driving around SM Megamall, and I didn’t have anyone to hold my phone for me to watch Waze. HUHU. I ended up counter-flowing after exiting the parking basement. Well, signal was poor down there and I was waiting for Waze to pick up. Also, it’s my first time driving in a month (after an incident). No wonder all the oncoming cars kept on flashing their headlights on me. JSKLRD.
  • I was so scared when I reached the intersection because there was an enforcer on the other side and the right turn lane was blocked with cones. I had no choice but to really turn from the wrong lane. And turn I did. After a few meters I pulled over at Petron to calm down, scold Waze, and also to surrender myself for apprehension in case an enforcer is chasing me. ANG BAIT KO DIBA. 
  • Thank God no one came! So yan, with Waze finally awake, I carefully drove to our condo, making sure to follow any road sign, traffic sign, and whatnots.
  • While I was nearing the condo I noticed a car following closely behind me AND I GOT SCARED HUHU. I was thinking okay ayan na yung pulis huhu #HelloJail, but eventually I stopped noticing it kasi busy ako makipag-usap sa parking guard. 
  • COS HE WON’T LET ME IN. He asked for my move-in clearance, gate pass, achuchuchu, I said we already accomplished the move-in clearance and the owner only gave us a gate pass for the stuff we’re moving in. After a loooong while they finally allowed me to park. Yey.
  • Just in time because the AC installation guy we hired via GawinPH app is already there at the condo, so yey cos we got the AC installed on the same day! Remind me to rave about GawinPH!
  • Anyway. Turns out the car that was following me was Jeckie’s GrabCar pala NYAHAHA.
  • SO THERE. Day 1 of real life as a married couple. Lots of challenges, lots of realizations. Can’t say it’s a dream. And that’s why I’ve got a partner. 😉
  • And DID YOU KNOW, before heading to SM Megamall, we got apprehended by MMDA enforcers for “beating the red light”. After so much chika they returned my sad excuse for a license (a fading piece of OR) and said “kayo na po bahala” or something to that effect. We were thankful and took their gibberish of a sermon as warning, pulled the windows up, and drove off. Saved 500 kotong pesos! Char. 
  • That’s not all. Before getting apprehended, we were driving back and forth to our parent’s house because we kept on forgetting things! Before heading to Megamall, I realized I forgot our gate pass and tenant agreement so we drove back to Fairview to fetch them. Just in time cos ate Wilma, our helper, texted me that mommy is crying ‘cos I’m leaving home na daw HUHUHUHU. Sabi ko, okay pauwi na kamiiii stop crying! When we got there I still couldn’t find the gate pass, and then it hit me. It was with me all along.
  • Wow my mother’s tears are powerful. And so are yours, so don’t make them cry otherwise God will wheel you around and fly you to her.
  • AND SO, we were finally on our way to our much delayed agenda. But not 3km away and mommy called that Jeckie forgot his wallet at home. ANUBA HAHA. Andun lang naman yung pang-shopping namin HAHAHA. So ayun, we drove back and got his wallet. Hahaha #UbosGas diaries.
That’s it for now. I have so many backlogs about my wedding preps but I promise to work on them once I get over our furniture problems aka my kaartehan, and also once I get a proper workstation at home. Oh yes, once I get our official photos rin pala hahaha.
I’ve been itching to go back to writing ‘cos I need the extra income but I don’t know how to work comfortably at home HAHAHA. Lord help me plz. Two weeks into married life and we’re broke already HAHA.
How are you gooooysss??