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Choosing the right hairstyle for your engagement shoot

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Need ideas on how to wear your hair during your engagement shoot? Take a look at the following considerations to help you narrow down your choices.

Your theme

One of our prenup shots by Dave Sarabia

Engagement shoots can go from relaxed casual to full-on dramatic, depending on the couple’s taste. If your shoot will be more on the casual side, then you can try light and flowy curls like these. It gives you a refreshing look without looking unnatural. Because you’ll be putting on makeup that will highlight your features, it’s important to use hairstyles that helps reveal your face.

Your venue

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If you’re working on an outdoor venue, pick a hairstyle that’s easy to manage and retouch. Go easy on the mousse and let your hair get into a natural mess every once in a while. It helps paint a nice picture and makes your shoot look very natural and relaxed. For indoor shoots, work closely with your theme to ensure your outfits and hair match. Styling a picture perfect engagement is a combination of proper clothes, great hair and makeup, and of course a good photographer!

You natural features

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Always consider your face when choosing a hairstyle. As mentioned, choose a hairstyle that will open up your features and complement your face. Knowing the shape of your face helps. Long curls work well with round faces. Medium length hair with soft waves are great for heart shaped faces. Long hair with fringes is a good match for girls with long faces. Search for inspiration and get crazy with your options! 🙂