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Countdown to 12something

Work’s pretty lax right now mostly because I’m still on the onboarding stage. You know, familiarizing myself with the tools, the people, the building aaaargh. It’s a freaking maze here. The tools… they’re so friggin many. Like they have three external tools integrated to MS Outlook (more, if I ask) and they’ve got loads of 3rd party applications in use. Hopefully will get used to it in the following months!

My other work, on the other hand IS DRIVING ME NUTS. I promised to deliver 3 articles this weekend but aaaargh I was only able to get 2 done. I was supposed to finish that set then request for a leave (naks may leave ako HAHA) for around a month until we relocate to our new house which is nearer the office. But I don’t know! They just dumped 4 more topics to me HUHU HOW DO I LIVE.
My other other work, IS ALSO GETTING CRAZY. I have 2 sets of invites to deliver this month. Oh well. Will stop accepting design gigs in the meantime ‘cos this girl is frkn busy. Grr.