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Font change!

Yeah and that merits a post lol. Funny how a small change can make a big difference! I was getting bored with my previous layout, thinking my fonts look too sharp they’re breaking. Then I chanced upon a nice looking blogger theme and got my font from there. In fairness, I love it! Playfair Display is a free font from Google and it looks soooooo nice. Specially the ampersand! So yeah, I replaced all header fonts with Playfair Display and went back to Lora for the body font. <3


It’s 4:30am and I’m slacking off again!

I tried the pomodoro technique earlier, you know, 25mins pure work then 5min break and HOLEY MOLEY HOW IS IT SO EFFECTIVE?! I’ve listed 5 tasks for the day and when the timer ended I’m done with 3.

Now I’m back to procrastinating.