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[Review] Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream

Swayed by the multiple celebrity endorsements and good reviews all over the web, I decided to try Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream. I bought a small tub at Lazada for ₱471, free shipping included.


Arrived tight and safe with bubble wraps pa. I like how the tub is packaged in its melon glory, for some reason it doesn’t scream cheap.


White cream with a whipped consistency. Instant whitening effect, check! Most probably because it’s already too white to begin with lol. Smells like melon, yep. I personally don’t like the smell even though it’s good ‘cos it triggers my allergies. Can’t put too much of this cos I’m already wheezing like crazy on the first try.

On the face

My goodness, this is too white for my skin tone. And I was reading a lot of reviews saying that it makes a good foundation base. AY JUSKO. NOPE. Don’t believe them. It’s too white. It’s not spreadable. It dries quickly. It’s too white. Or maybe I’m just too dark.

Perhaps I should just put a little.

In fairness that kinda does the trick. But the less I put on, the harder it is to spread so it doesn’t really cover much. It’s matte and dry so don’t expect a dewy finish off of this. If you have dark skin tone, just put a very little amount of this on your face and that will be enough.

USE A BRUSH for easier spreading, a flat powder brush or one of those cute paddle brushes work wonders. Not so much a beauty sponge cos that’s just like using a fat finger that size of an egg, it doesn’t help even out the product.


Okay. Even though I don’t like the smell, how it spreads, and how it’s too white, I figured that if you couple it with other products, it becomes easier to spread and helps increase coverage.

1. As a day cream

I once tried it on with a BB cream and liquid foundation and it looks better so… yeyyy. I’m not doing that again though cos the whitening effect is really intense that I look too made up with this on. Case in point: it’s really just not my shade, and there’s no other.

2. As a night cream

I’m still banking on the effects of this cream so I didn’t want to dispose it entirely so I tried using it as a night cream but I added moisturizer and it’s, hmmmm, good! You know when you don’t put anything on your face before sleeping and wake up looking either super dry and wrinkly or messed up and oily? With Lily’s Touch miracle cream I woke up looking white. Just white. Still a change. But the deal is, a quick wash will reveal the true miracle hahaha. I look glowing after washing my face! Daaeeebak! 3. As a whitening cream

If you’ve given up putting it on your face but still don’t want to throw it out, let it sit in the dark corners…of your body haha. I’m talking about the underarms, knees, and elbows. I’ve tried it but not regularly so I can’t say if it works. Just know that it doesn’t have antiperspirant and deodorant properties so if you want to put it on your underarms, better at night or when you’re about to sleep. 🙂

Will I repurchase? Nope. Just look at the 3 excuses I had to come up with just to finish this product (and I’m not even halfway). Haaay the consequences of too much sponsored content out there. Planning to get one? Try a smaller version first (if there’s one) to see if it works on you. Didn’t do much to me hehe.