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Month: April 2017

  • Travel, Work and Play with Targus Seoul 2017 Collection

    Travel, Work and Play with TargusĀ® New backpack sizes in refreshing colours with the latest Seoul 2017 Collection  PHILIPPINES, APRIL 2017 — A leading brand in laptop cases and accessories, TargusĀ® Inc. unveiled their Seoul 2017 Collection, the all-rounded solution to travel, work and play. Embedded with new and advanced features, the Seoul 2017 Collection… Continue reading

  • Advancing Health with Life Science

    Source: Right Nutrition for a healthy, fuller life More than ever, the concept of health, fitness, and good nutrition has become increasingly in the consciousness of people today. Social media is teeming with health experts, and fitness gurus with their videos of exercises you can do anywhere, blogs and articles on healthy lifestyle and… Continue reading

  • Swamped

    I just hit a different kind of low at work today. According to my notebook I have six active applications to work on which are due tomorrow til next week and I have totally no drive to work on them. The only motivation I have is this weird sense of wanting to tick them off… Continue reading

  • [Review] Laneige Essential Care Trial Set – Moisture

    My usual skin care routine can be summed up in 0 steps. My face is lucky if it even gets a splash of water before going to bed. So yep, I don’t do skin care. At least not before I got paranoid that I won’t look my best on my wedding day. So last month… Continue reading

  • Finding the Best Wedding Gown Silhouette for your Body Shape

    When I started wedding gown hunting, I pinned a lot of styles and inspirations from Pinterest, Google, and even online shops like Chic Mall. The result is a board overflowing with all my dream dresses. It was randomly arranged, no specific cut, theme, or fabric in mind. I just pinned those I thought would look… Continue reading

  • Demotivated

    This week was sooooo full of negative vibes. Let’s start last week Friday While we were out to fetch my mom at the airport, our helper (almost!) fell victim to dugo dugo gang. Someone called home claiming my dad got into a car accident and was hiding, while my mom was in the hospital severely… Continue reading