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Tagaytay Pic Spam (feat. the best Bulalo in town)


In celebration of our third year in the company, me and my batchmates (finally) ate out (of town!!).

After so many failed attempts at dining out, we finally pushed through! It’s been a struggle getting all of us together for a meal ‘cos we’re working different shifts now so it’s harder to schedule a time where all of us won’t be hassled haha. I’m guilty of bailing out for the last couple of times simply because I’m too lazy. #sorry

Pero in fairness, natuloy rin. I guess it’s because our third year marks something super duper special to all of us, and we want to celebrate that. That is — the end of our bond! I’m quite aware we can always break that part of our contract that says we’re tied to our company for three years, but heck we’re good kids so we held back updating our profiles on Jobstreet for three years. Char.

Anyway. We commuted to Tagaytay and can I just say that I’M NEVER DOING IT AGAIN. Jusko the biyahe took all of me.

From Gil Puyat, we rode a Tagaytay-Nasugbu bus and dropped off at Olivares. From there we rode another bus labeled Alfonso/Mendez and dropped off at Mahogany Market.

This is (arguably) where the best bulalo in town is. It’s on the second floor of the two-storey building labeled “Tagaytay Mahogany Beef Market & Bulalohan”

It was a Sunday okay, and lunch time at that, but I didn’t expect the entire place to be soooo swamped with people. I wasn’t aware this place was thaaat popular.

We were lucky we chanced upon a group who just finished eating so we were able to get seats immediately. The entire floor is lined with eateries, all serving the famous bulalo. They have free senyorita bananas too (at least from the carinderia we ate at).

Here goes the big caserole (with a burner underneath). This is ₱350 and is good for 3 persons.

Of course they don’t just serve Bulalo, they also have common Filipino delicacies. We ordered beef caldereta (₱150), fried tawilis (₱150), fried hipon (₱150), and lechon kawali (₱150). Rice is at ₱20 each.

The servings are pretty small for ₱150, but can be shared by 2-3 persons per plate so pwede na rin!

Aaaah I’m definitely coming back here.

After eating lunch we rode a jeepney and got off at Magallanes to take pictures of Taal Lake, of course. Haha. 

It may not be one of the best locations to get a view of the lake but it’s one of the most popular and it has Starbucks too so keri lang. Will visit the other more beautiful Starbucks next time! Hahaha

After lounging around, we walked aaaaaall the way to Ayala Malls Serin. We thought it won’t be far from Magallanes but when I started (internally) complaining, the mall is already within sight so pinush na lang namin.

Good thing it was very cool that day, umambon nga lang ng slight haha.

If I were to live in a condo I prefer a low-rise to mid-rise one like the one they’re building beside the mall.

Pic spam!

Aaaaand there you go, we walked a bit, drank milk tea, and chatted. Then we crossed the street and boarded a bus back home. The commute was really exhausting. I don’t recommend it haha.