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[Food Phase Fridays] McCafe Iced Coffee

Resurrecting the tag with my current addiction, McDonald’s Iced Coffee! I love it primarily because it’s made of brewed coffee and just the right amount of milk and sugar (syrup). It’s not as strong as Starbucks’ version but it has enough strength and flavor to keep my day running. Best of all, it’s only ₱47! Sooooooo affordable. It’s now my go-to coffee.

I didn’t realize I was getting addicted to it until I found myself at McDonald’s drive-thru every day before coming to work. Well not every day, but mostly whenever I have the car with me haha, like 3x a week.

Earlier was one of the best “cravings satisfied” moments for me. I can’t sleep and was craving for coffee (ironically) so I went out and bought one, and since I’m already within the area, I got a bbq/wasabi mega fries from Potato Corner as well! That explains the sly brown bag peeking from behind my coffee. Haaaay, food is life.

Random fun facts about McDonald’s!

  1. McDonald’s started out as a BBQ joint in San Bernardino, California.
  2. Ray Kroc didn’t actually start McDonald’s, it was founded in 1940 by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald.
  3. McDonalds used to own 90% of Chipotle as an investor back in 2006, but later on sold its stake to better focus on the restaurant.
  4. Did you know that there’s a ski-thru McDonald’s in Lindvallen resort, Sweden where skiiers can schuss through and get their fast food fix?
  5. The average drive-thru transaction is approximately 3 minutes (189.49 seconds). Really now? I can only hope the Philippines was factored in this study haha! Wendy’s leads with a 133.63 second turnaround time though! 
  6. Can you guess what their best-selling item is?
  7. They say McDonald’s Coke tastes super good and different from other places. The secret? The soda syrup is delivered in a stainless tank to preserve its freshness, compared to other restaurants that get them in plastic bags. I personally don’t notice the difference haha.
  8. When Sarah Michelle Gellar was 4 (or 5), she was named in a lawsuit filed by McDonald’s for participating in a Burger King ad that badmouthed its burger as being 20% smaller than its competitor. Hahaha
  9. McDonald’s best-selling item is the french fries! I’m surprised! 😀

Source: 75 Mind-Blowing Facts About McDonald’s to Celebrate Its 75th Anniversary

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