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Ano naaaaa


5 months to go! Where are we on the wedding preps?


I paid visit to Gowns for Rent by Damsel one Saturday and liked one of the wedding gowns I tried! I tried 5 gowns total oha, 2 didn’t fit, 2 didn’t like. Only one fit well and looked good on me and it’s the most bongga pa of all the dresses I tried so I’m seriously considering renting it out. Rental costs 10k though, but the package already includes suit and pants rental for the groom, plus wedding accessories so I think it’s a good deal na rin? Our budget is 8k for the gown and 5k for the suit so pasok naman sya dibaaa. But you know…

It’s not like we have a really big budget for it but whenever I share about it to, say, my titas, they always say “Ang mahal naman!”, “Sa divisoria ka na lang maghanap”…. and that somehow puts me down. Kanya kanyang budget okay? I can’t freaking go to divisoria in this weight because I know I’ll end up getting made-to-order gowns with my size, and I don’t like the idea of going back and forth to divi for fittings. I told myself I’ll only go to divi if I’m at least 130lbs na haha so I could at least try on the medium gowns, so uhm 15lbs to go haha

Anyway. Nothing’s final yet with the gown. I’ll try to bring Jeckie one day so he can check on the suits/barongs as well and if he likes something from their closet, maybe we’ll finally get them.

Will make another post for my GFR by Damsel visit. 😀

Photo and Video

Have I mentioned we booked Studio1 already on a bridal fair? Yep. Not so thrilled about it honestly but it’s the most affordable one that covers all the things I want so hmm… game!


Remember we reserved Hizon’s because we liked their food and the deal they gave us during our first food tasting with them? Now we’re thinking of backing out and switching to Queensland because apparently, we can save 30k, invite 30 more, and get better styling. I was aware about Queensland before but I’ve been reading mixed reviews online so  I didn’t want to risk it, plus they’re located at Las Pinas pa so omgehhh ang layo! Anyway, sakto that Hizon’s is holding a grand food tasting at Don Jose Heights Clubhouse (our venue!) so we can finally show our parents the place and let them try the food as well. Actually, I wanted to talk to any of the AEs if it’s possible to convert our DP to any of their services na hindi food, instead of totally giving up the 10k (malaki rin kasi yon!)


Still with Don Jose! LOL it’s probably the only confident booking we have so far haha

Aaaand that’s all

We’re still missing out on a lot of important stuff like lights and sounds, flowers, entourage gowns, etc…but err, will get there one of these days! 😀