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Part 3: Singapore Pic Spam

Changi General Hospital, Bugis Mall, the $1 ice cream sandwich, and going home.
For a public hospital, CGH looks so nice. They’re very high-tech too. We were visiting my uncle who was confined in a ward and we had to register as visitors. They gave us each a slip of paper with our name and some barcode on it which will be used at the entrance. Only 4 people are allowed to visit at a time and since we’re 7, we had to split in 2 groups. Super galing lang cos their turnstile will not let you pass if you’re the 5th person visiting the same patient. >8D

After the visit, we came back to the bungalow to rest and recharge before heading to Bugis Mall. But before that, we checked out the pool first where our little nieces are playing around. It was so big! Too bad I wasn’t able to try it!
We missed the shuttle to Tanah Merah so we’re down to getting a GrabCar to get to our destination. 
Bugis is filled with tiangge’s, similar to Divisoria or Greenhills Shopping Center. It’s supposed to be one of the cheap places to buy souvenir items and stuff, but it’s not really that cheap when you convert it. I did end up getting a shirt and a figurine though. 😀

We arrived there too late so we weren’t able to catch the food stalls open. We tried looking for food stalls out and across Bugis complex but most of them have packed up already. My sister, on the other hand went on a search for the famous $1 ice cream sandwich.

And found one!

I got a mango wafer ice cream but I was a bit unimpressed because it didn’t taste natural. My sister enjoyed her durian flavored ice cream though. 😀

And there you go, the last leg of our Singapore trip.

The next day we booked a GrabCar and flew back to Manila. 🙂

I thought I liked long flights but flying Cebu Pacific is a literal pain in the ass. 

I hope to be able to explore more of Singapore next time! I wanted to try the rides at USSR, visit Orchard Road at night, check out China Town, visit Gardens by the Bay, and many more! 😀