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Part 2: Singapore Pic Spam


January 22 – this covers: Singapore MRT, ride to Sentosa, and Universal Studios

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But first, my super cute nieces and nephew!

This was the day we decided to try out the SMRT (Singapore MRT). NSRCC offers regular shuttle services to and from Tanah Merah MRT station which helped a lot because we were so far from public transport. 
We had the whole bus to ourselves yey. 

I will always be impressed with their MRT system. It looks intimidating at first but once you get how it works, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. If you follow the system map closely, you’ll never get lost. 

We were headed to Sentosa so from Tanah Merah we need to alight at HarbourFront station where VivoCity is, then take the train entering Sentosa Island from there. I learned a lot about navigating the city via their train system and it’s now one of the things that excites me about Singapore! Will definitely go back someday! 😀
VivoCity mall reminds me of Fairview Terraces, one of my cousins said it looks like Robinsons Magnolia. Everything looks familiar because of the stores, we all have them here haha so I wasn’t really thrilled to explore it. 
We booked a 4 dollar train to enter Sentosa Island and dropped off at the first stop where USSR is.

We didn’t pay the entrance fee ‘cos none us were game to try some rides. We just wanted to take pictures. Gosh we’re all such titas. 

Another proof of tourist-ness lol, the globe! 

After taking pictures at Universal Studios, we headed to Changi General Hospital to visit my uncle who was hospitalized that morning due to low blood sugar. I just had to commend the hospital, ‘cos their ambulance came so quick! And thankfully, one of the medics was Filipino so we didn’t have a hard time communicating. One of my cousins is a doctor too so we weren’t too stressed about it. Yun lang, the hospital fees! XD

On the way to the taxi bay…

Aaaah everything shined at this place.