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Part 1: Singapore Pic Spam

January 20 – we were supposed to come as a family to Singapore to attend my cousin’s wedding. Unfortunately it was too late when we realized my dad’s passport was expiring so he wasn’t allowed to board our flight. Consequently, my mom decided not to join since daddy won’t be around, so it was only me and my sister who flew.
Since we’re both new to Singapore, my sister and I didn’t really plan on exploring to our hearts content lol. We just tagged along with our cousins wherever they went, and in the end we just spent SGD 150 together for the 3 days we stayed there. Sobrang tipid namin lol! That’s also because our accommodation was taken care of my cousin who got wed, and they filled the house with food! Aaaaah bless you ate and kuyaaa! <3
Oraaayt, time for the pic spam!
It’s been a long time since my last flight!

Aboard a taxi. I didn’t know their cars are right-side driven so it felt weird the first time.
One of the bungalows at NSRCC
We stayed at NSRCC (National Service Resort and Country Club) which is only 10 minutes away from the airport. We didn’t know how much taxis cost at SG and as first timers, we have a tendency to convert everything we spend haha so you could imagine how anxious we were during the drive. Thank God it only cost SGD 12 to reach our bungalow lol. Too bad though it rained so hard when we arrived so were soaking as we walked to our house.
When we got there our cousins are preparing to go out so sakto we were able to join. We didn’t know where to go first so our driver, Jamaican guy named John Boy, offered a city tour for SGD 180. Not bad divided by 10 of us.

It was raining hard when we started the tour but thankfully it stopped on our first stop — Tamlin Shopping Centre. We were allowed to go down for 15 minutes only, but since there really isn’t much to see, I don’t really know why we even went here lol.

This was beside Tamlin Shopping Centre, it looks cool so I took a picture!

After Tamlin, we drove around the city with John Boy who keeps on talking and talking about the places we’re passing by. We passed by Orchard road and Suntec City, they look interesting okay but we weren’t allow to go down because we only have 3.5 hours lol. We also went to this chocolate store where I didn’t buy anything because I don’t plan on taking any souvenirs home haha. We went to Jewelry City Group too, where we can buy cheap gold and pearl stuff but I didn’t indulge lol.
Okay sana yung group tour namin but John Boy’s van smelled like air-freshened smoke and the windows were small and curtained, it was hard to peek outside.
Finally, we were allowed to go down at One Fullerton where the Merlion Park is located. This pretty much proves we came to SG so I’m good na with just these haha! Kapagod kaya maglakad lol.

For our last stop we were dropped off at VivoCity because we wanted to go to Sentosa, but we didn’t push through cos we were all so damn tired already. After eating lunch and roaming about, we called for them fetch us already. It wasn’t John Boy who drove us home but thank God the guy has a better van! We were able to sleep on the way home but then we got lost, circling around Changi for minutes on end because his navigator directed him to some closed entrance. We were so near yet so far, and it’s become so frustrating for all of us!!!

Eventually nakauwi rin kami lol. It was so rewarding to be finally back at the bungalow.

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