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If the gown fits

Venue, catering, photo and video: check! According to our spreadsheet the next big thing we have to focus on is the bridal gown. And it’s by far the most frustrating leg of our wedding planning (at least on my part). While my biggest concern with most suppliers is whether we can afford them or not, in the case of a wedding gown, it’s not just about the money, it has to fit me well too! That explains my love-hate relationship with gown hunting. I love going to the mall, looking at clothes, and trying them on, but getting the damn zipper to run all the way up is always a struggle.

I admit I underestimated this part, thinking I’m not getting anything fancy anyway and would even consider renting one. I failed to think that with my size (large), and my budget (10k), the closest I’m getting to the gown of my dreams is a blank infinity dress with a curtain for a train.

The twin panel of that curtain makes for a primary veil too.

So while I’m nowhere near finalizing where and how to get my gown, let me flood you with my wedding gown pegs for now!

1. Soft and dreamy


This gown is so dreamy except that I’d have the neckline straight across instead of a v-neck. Love the skirt and the sweep length!

2. Less (details) = more (savings)

Wedding dresses Australia and cheap wedding dresses online 

I love scouting for inspiration at Pinterest, it’s quite a heaven for me! But you’ll never get around to costing until you inquire with a designer on how much your preferred style would cost, that or you may look at online shops like to give you an idea on how much to shell out for your dress.

Looking around I’ve come to realize that if you want to score a really cheap gown, you’d have to let go of intricate beadworks, customized lace details, and elaborate appliques. Basically, everything that will entail more labor. This is when styling and fabric matching goes critical.

The gowns above are proof that it’s not all about details! 😀

3. All eyes on me

Court Lace-up Appliques Floor-Length Glamorous & Dramatic Beading Church Elegant & Luxurious Wedding Dress

This is probably the grandest I could see myself wearing on my wedding day. And it’s got everything I want in a gown! Off the shoulder, straight across, A-line skirting, and soft layers! Haaaaay!


There you have it! The gown hunt is still on, I’m basically just waiting for myself to slim down some more before I could confidently walk into department stores again haha.