A very personal blog


Just now I stumbled upon a new (?) writing platform called write.as and man does it look intriguing. Layout is super neat and clean, and kinda tells you to start writing, whatever it is, right now. I like it. It’s free from the distraction of buttons, tags, and a whole bunch of fields you have to fill out to ensure a space at Google search results. Of course I’m thinking it’s targeted at those who don’t really care about SEO and stuff, which is partly me, so I gave it a shot.

Maybe you should too. 

Well, it’s not like I’m moving there. I’m just saying I really like how it looks. Very minimalist. Takes me back to when the blogosphere was filled with people who just want to write about how their day went. So much has changed since then. I’ve lost comfort in blogging to be honest. What was once a small and close-knit community was riddled with capitalists, urbanized in no time. Now instead of personal accounts of how much our day sucked, we feature the things we have, the places we’ve been to, and the restaurants we ate at instead. A lot less human and a whole lot of advert. 
Is it time to move to a new town?
Of course not, I’m totally caught in this system. Have you read about my latest beauty rave? 😛