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Month: January 2017

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    Life Lately

    Long time no Life Lately so here’s a long one! ❱ Reading Still not finished with Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella, I’m way past the climax and I can’t even read through ’til the end. What’s wrong with meeee… I don’t think I’m ever gonna finish a book this year. 🙁 On another note, I received…

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    Venue hunt: Don Jose Heights Clubhouse

    Since we kindof splurged on the catering, Jeckie and I thought we couldn’t afford to get a venue over ₱20k. It’s a great relief though that we found Don Jose Heights Clubhouse! It’s near our place, and is very affordable 😀 Capacity is up to 200 guests. This is the main entrance facing the driveway. Beautiful…

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    [Review] Amazon shopping via Uskoop PH

    Backstory: I won ₱3,000 shopping credits from joining this Nuffnang PH contest. I was excited to use it before thanksgiving season ends because Uskoop has a couple of Black Friday discounts up that time. Uskoop PH is an e-commerce site that connects you to top US online merchants like Amazon, Macy’s, Newegg, Walmart, etc. so you can…

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  • Goblin Wallpapers?

    My current KDrama obsession, starring Gong Yoo (Train to Busan, Coffee Prince), Lee Dong Wook (My Girl), Kim Go-eun (Cheese in the Trap), and Yoon In Na (My Love from the Star). The plot is great, the cast is awesome, the music is perfeeeect. I mean, OMG, I love love love the music I even…

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  • Today

    I haven’t figured out how to write a year in review post, so as usual, I’m gonna go back in time by visiting my 2016 posts to see how it has fared. To be honest though, 2016 started out really dull and slow. 2015 was still one of the best I’ve had, I’m considering it…

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  • Write.as

    Just now I stumbled upon a new (?) writing platform called write.as and man does it look intriguing. Layout is super neat and clean, and kinda tells you to start writing, whatever it is, right now. I like it. It’s free from the distraction of buttons, tags, and a whole bunch of fields you have…

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