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Venue hunt: Oasis Manila


Located along Aurora Blvd., Oasis Manila is definitely a delight to see coming from the dirty roads of Quezon City. It definitely looked like a hidden oasis, tucked amidst the hustle and bustle of metro manila. Sooo muuuuch greeeeen! I love it! If you’re eyeing for a garden wedding, you might want to check this place out.

Here’s a pic spam of the venue, their available function rooms, and a look at their rates. Enjoy!

View of the garden and the roundabout driveway. Everything is well landscaped, the plants are blooming too. 😀
Walkway bridge to the building.

All amenities can be used for free if you book. Perfect for prenups and photo-ops.

Koi pond under the bridge.

Now to their function halls. The biggest they have, which can accommodate up to 350 guests, is the Pavilion. It’s the standalone complex on the right side when you enter.


Nice and spacious, glass-walled, fully air-conditioned, and with a stage on one side.

Ceilings are adorned with full white drapings, Japanese lanterns, and crystal drops.

The side of the Pavilion has direct access to the garden

Next up,


The Verandah sits on the second floor of the Oasis building and has a maximum capacity of 300 guests.

Lovely ceiling! The end of the hallway is where the actual veranda is hehe. You can use it as a cocktail ground, or a photo booth station, whatever hehe.

One side of the hall is fully walled with floor to ceiling glass, and overlooks bamboo shoots and trees. Super ganda.

Honestly, I prefer the Verandah over the Pavilion ‘cos it’s also big enough, you can even use the space before the entrance as a lobby for registration AAAAAND it’s across the bridal suites as well. So convenient 🙂


Located at the third floor, Orchard hall has a maximum capacity of 150 guests. During the time we visited they were setting up for a Christmas party. If I remember correctly, it was Verleo who catered this one.

No round lanterns, but fully draped ceiling with crystal drops and pin lights, check!

Cute setup!

Bridal Suites

Free for use if you availed any of their wedding packages. They have three rooms, this one below is the biggest one,

The two other rooms are similar in layout and have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the garden and Pavilion. It’s smaller than the previous room but it’s definitely better because of the view!


Oasis Manila has wedding packages with Hizon’s, Verleo, and Josiah’s. Other accredited caterers include Bizu, K by Cunanan, and Tamayo’s, but you have to book them separately from the venue. If you wish to get other suppliers aside from the mentioned, you’ll have to pay a corkage fee.


They have a two-storey parking building with valet service so yey!

Rates (2017)

Their venue rates range from ₱55,000 to ₱90,000. Wedding packages range from ₱168,000 to ₱259,000. Pretty hefty for us but the inclusions are quite good. 🙂

Location and Contact

If you want to get a more tailored quote, you may reach them here

169 Aurora Boulevard , San Juan City, Metro Manila




That’s it! I would love to get this place but it’s too expensive for us right now, considering we just started saving haha. 🙂 I’ve read and heard a lot of good reviews for this venue so I think this is one of the good ones! 🙂
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