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// I wasn’t able to sleep well this afternoon because I got too occupied with eating pies, playing Dots & Co, and watching The Legend of the Blue Sea, that or I really just can’t sleep so I decided to succumb to distractions. I haven’t figured how to better fix my sleeping schedule. Right now I’m getting complete hours on an alternate basis. Because I didn’t sleep well this afternoon, I’ll be able to sleep long and tight this morning (I’m already super sleepy right now). Then stay up late the next day, then get a full rest on the following. It’s been my cycle ever since I worked the night shift and it’s so not good. God help me.

// I’m wondering if this guy from the office is cheating our company getting free parking slots everyday by taking the slots dedicated to day shifters, just because he knows the night shift slots never get full. You see, our company developed an app that allows us to reserve parking slots. There are two schedules, day shift and night shift, and you get to pick whatever. Day shift slots are given in increasing order starting from, say #1. So the first to reserve gets #1, then #2, and #3 and so on, until #100 or whatever the last number is. On the other hand, night shift slots are given in decreasing order: #100, #99, #98… down to #1 (for the last slot left). This logic was placed to minimize the chances of 2 cars getting the same slot, you know, just in case someone overstays and the other wouldn’t have anywhere to park.

Now. The night shift parking never gets full, I can attest to that. So the chances of seeing the lower numbered slots occupied is rare. That only happens when someone overstays and the other car is forced to get other slots.

But this guy. I’ve been seeing him park all week on these low numbered slots and it’s gotten me super curious. More annoyed actually. The first few times I saw him park there I thought, okay maybe his slot is still taken. But come on it’s been more than a week, how unlucky can you be.

But yeah, it’s very easy to get free slots. The guards wouldn’t know what’s assigned to you anyway, and they only check your plate when you seem new. Eventually they’ll recognize you and won’t bother checking anymore. Anyway.

// I appreciate that my bosses know how fully loaded I am with work and insist that I charge any overtime hours I may have incurred. Thing is, as much as possible I avoid working overtime because it freaking messes up my sleeping schedule all the more. But they think I’m so busy I needed to take a weekend to work overtime and I’m like yeahh I am that busy but I will never ever give you my weekends. Are you kidding me. I’m not running for employee of the month.

// Afternoon meetings are killing me. You know since DST happened I’ve been cursing my schedule even more. 3pm CST meetings are 5am here and by that time I should already be on the way home lest I perish in the rush hour traffic. Earlier this morning I had a 6am meeting, too late for me but what can I do. I can’t stay longer in the office because of traffic so I decided to take the call from home. Can you believe it, right when I was about to call our internet connection went bonkers! My goodness! I couldn’t call and connect remotely. Thank God I had a pocket wifi. But during the entire course of our meeting I was scared that my bandwidth will suddenly get depleted, right in the middle of a web conference. God only knows how much a remote connection w/ screen sharing and an international call would amount to. Perhaps some gigs, and I only have six.

// Lord, I hope our country’s internet infrastructure improves next year.

// Other than my usual rants I’m actually doing fine, just sleepy. And cranky. I can’t pick my nose there’s a pimple inside. Argh.