A very personal blog

Before I get back to work

// I’m too swamped with work I can’t focus on it at all.

// I’m observing this couple from afar, curious about their relationship. Err, not really. I think it’s mostly because I’m curious about them independently. The guy looks like a badminton player – he’s tall, Chinese, lanky, and I caught him wearing Li-Ning shoes once lol. The girl on the other hand makes me want to sing ~ Parang di ko yata kaya, ang sa buhay ko’y wala kaaaa ~ every time I see her. I mean, she looks like Jessa Zaragoza okay.

// I ordered a small tub of Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream from Lazada after Michelle Dy endorsed it on youtube (hay the power of endorsements), and also after reading a lot of mixed reviews about it. I put it on today instead of my usual BB cream. I’ve been warned it can be too white and fudge it really is! Will make a review of it in a separate post. Hmm… can I just say that while it did come off too white for my skin tone, it kinda looks good on me. Yay

// I have a test in three hours and that I’m stressing about right now because I couldn’t set up enough test data to run it. Anyway. Test is over and I was disconnected the whole time because fck telcos!

// Around 10pm last night, I rode an Uber from Maginhawa to Fairview and was surprised at the 1.7x surge and Waze suggesting we go via Mindanao Ave. instead of the usual Commonwealth Ave route. I AM SO CURIOUS. What happened last night? The surge has been on since 8pm (if not earlier). Very unusual for a Sunday evening.

// My phone is filled with photos of restaurants I’ve eaten at recently, mostly Japanese, and I haven’t got the time to feature them. I think I completely forgot how to blog about food.

// Errr, I think I was supposed to share about something but just now I’m getting really frustrated that we lost network connection right in the middle of a testing! As an offsite resource, my job requires me to work via remote connection since our computers are housed in the US. We’re connecting via virtual tunnel to be able to access our machines and do some QA stuff, but right now, it’s been down for more than an hour and it’s stressing me out.

// I don’t really care about our company but this frkn looks bad for our image as contractors. I’m only after getting my job done but heck how am I to move on?! Note to self: on my next job, I’m not working the night shift and I’m not working remotely.

// Good news! Payment for the last sponsored post I wrote just came in! Thank you Lord, you know I’m so broke right now!

// Hope you have a great week ahead with no network interruptions!