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Life lately and life’s surprises

Earlier yesterday my leg sunk knee deep into a pile of mud I assumed was hard enough to walk on. Good thing someone pointed me to a faucet nearby so I was able to wash up. Didn’t want to turn into The Thing first thing in the morning. Thank God it’s just mud and not poo, and I was wearing shorts so none of my clothes got dirty yeeyyy.
That’s the latest. Now let’s backtrack.

Our small business is up!

My sister and I recently launched (by that I mean – shared our facebook page to friends hehe) Pocket Pies PH and we just delivered our first orders this week (thanks to my ever supportive officemates – don’t we all start somewhere? XD). It’s been very busy specially for my sister because she’s the one who bakes and I’m only responsible for taking orders, marketing, and accompanying her to the grocery. I wish I could help her but baking always frustrates me, I’m pretty sure I’ll just mess with her progress. The process is really tedious specially when it’s time to cut, mark, and fork the dough. In the near future we’d like to upgrade our kitchen, buy a new refrigerator, replace our cooking range, get a dough flattener, and more! Everything to save my sister from burning out from all the baking haha.
I admit I’ve been very impatient about it but looking at the things now I could only smile and thank God that we finally made it to the start. My sister has been baking savory pies for the family during special occasions and while I’ve been coaxing her to take it to the next level, you know – sell it -, she gets way too hesitant about it, and we always end up joking around inventing names for our imaginary food stall and planning the menu. Would you believe it, after all the jokes, we’ve finally begun!
I’ll take a plug, Pocket Pies PH is a small business run by 2 broke girls hoping to make it big in the food industry, sosyaaal. But really, we’re just two people who’d like to put our savory meat pies out there and see how far it goes. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details! 😀

Bright lights

The most decent shot I have of the super moon. I hope it’s a super full moon though, the warm colors would’ve been epic on camera. Looks like a UFO is preparing to land. WHO KNOWS.

Busy designing

As a graphic designer, I can’t believe I haven’t been doing proper mock-ups for my outputs. Thank God for free psd mock-up downloads, now my works are being showcased beautifully! I’m seriously amazed at how smart objects work. 😀

I’ve been updating my portfolio site (www.yanbirog.com) with my recent works so if you’re interested, feel free to check it out!

Right now I’ve just finished working on a band shirt and a logo for a sweets shop, yey! Also, ever since the first wedding invites I made I’ve been recommended to do more and now I’m working on three invitations.

Four if you count this one I’m starting soon… for us.


Black stones, infinity, and skulls. ‘Til death do us part.
My boyfriend of five years, my first boyfriend and my college sweetheart too hihi, surprised me on my birthday with unexpected guests, a cake that threatened to burn my forehead lol, and a small red box that came with a familiar question. And then I said yes!
Right now all we have is a date, the rest I’m gonna stress about in the months to come haha. Whew.

What a happy birthday!

My blueberry cheesecake deserves some space. Please don’t count the candles.

Won a blogging contest

Nuffnang finally announced the winners of their Uskoop blogging contest and I’m one of them! So happy to have snagged 5th prize! I just won ₱3,000 shopping credits and aaargh I can’t wait to buy the items on my Amazon wishlist! Well, the problem would be trimming the list cos as much as I want a big haul and get all of the things I want from the US, 3k won’t cut it haha. Need more funds! Thanks Uskoop and Nuffnang! Congrats to all the winners!

Aaaand… work

Nothing surprising at this point haha. I almost didn’t want to include this but my mission is to overshare so…

I actually feel sorry because all my energy and creativity is being exhausted by my sidelines that I’m fully depleted by the time I get to the office. Add to the fact that it’s the night shift so you know, the tiredness, the darkness, it’s all making me want to embrace the night and reward myself with a long long sleep. How dare I.

But yeah, it’s unfair. I feel sorry that I’m happier with my other jobs. But it’s not like I’ll quit my regular work. I’m not ready to starve and I won’t be able to buy us that glorious ELBA cooking range that’s been speaking to me since yesterday! Aaaargh! And that no frost inverter ref that’s gonna solve our ice cave problem. The frost has gone China mode and is busy occupying the entire freezer, leaving no space for fish. It’s snaking out of its territory too, pushing out the borders. What I mean is, the ice is growing too much it’s pushing the doors, it just won’t shut properly now.

Yep, that’s on my side! How’s life lately? 😀