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Life Lately and a bunch of undistributed cards


I suddenly missed this format plus I’m busy procrastinating at work so here goes!


Right now, I’m jumping between Before we were Strangers and Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella, but BWWS is mostly still on hold. I want to finish it before we become strangers but I’m close to tagging it as DNF. New acronym! I learned it while browsing my friends’ Goodreads account. It stands from Did Not Finish, and yeah there’s such a tag. It makes reading halfway count even though we all know it’s just an excuse to add a book to our e-shelves.


This. Nothing paid lol.


To the loud hum of the aircon vents in the office that will eventually merge into silence.


About when to finish this report due at work. lol




I had something interesting to watch lately. Scarlet Heart Ryeo just ended and it had me in SO MUCH TEARS. It was tragic but it ended right. Even though the producers had a creative license to that particular part of Korean History, they still made it so that nothing was tampered in the books, and all the interesting chapters remained unwritten chronicles.

Even Hae Soo, whom we all want to stay as a royal consort, didn’t stay long in the palace and wasn’t even officially registered as a royal concubine, hence her character wasn’t written in history. It’s all these unwritten possibilities that drive creatives cre-azy no?

Shirt, shorts, slippers

That I’m up early and the skies are rather gloomy this morning. That means I can run outside. Or not cos I’m too lazy for anything lately.


To seriously do some physical exercise. The thought of doing yoga, learning the jump rope, and running (on a gloomy morning) all sound exciting. BUT I’M TOO LAZY DAMMIT


Semi-regretful that I didn’t get to hand out any of my blogger business cards last Saturday at Blogapalooza. I designed it quickly in the office (shhh) and had it printed at my boyfriend’s. Then I labored through cutting them and manually rounding the edges. Thanks for the help Jeckie and Tito Larry! <3

This year’s Blogapalooza was, I dunno, less exciting? I don’t know why it has to be held twice this year. I also didn’t hear much hype about it, unlike two years ago, when I started taking blogging seriously. I’m thinking if Blogapalooza appeals mostly to starting bloggers, ‘cos maybe seasoned ones are too busy to attend events like these? Curious. Haha.

For the most part, we just strolled around. Thanks Jeckie for coming with me. I was looking at the booths and was too shy to inquire. OH THAT’S WHY. I should’ve come earlier when there are still a lot of people looking around! XD

Smaller (but cuter) venue, fewer sponsors (because it was held twice this year?), fewer people (I came in around 5pm so maybe the crowd has left already). Glad to have bumped into Dems and Leo though! 😀