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​10 things to do on a BGC staycation

So you’ve decided to take a breather from all the lemons life throws at you, but couldn’t afford to plan for an elaborate nature getaway. Since all you needed is a couple of days away from work and stress, you figured it’s a good way to stay nearby and enjoy a city. Your pick, BGC.


Bonifacio Global City may sound like it means purely business but this district has evolved to cater a lot of other agendas as well. From leisure parks, art walls, shopping centers, and restaurants, the place is brimming with life, and getting caught in the middle of it is one such adventure that’ll surely revive your spirits.

Before planning your day, make sure you got yourself booked in a cozy place. Pick one that fits your taste, and is affordable and central, so that getting around the city will be a breeze. Search online using booking sites like for hotels in Taguig that will fit your budget and needs. This way you can compare hotels in terms of price and amenities. That’s the first thing to do! Ready for the rest?

2. Go on an art walk


BGC’s artscape is a vibrant one and is something the city government puts much effort in. Walking around the district you’ll see murals and sculptures everywhere, each with a distinct theme, all contributing to the city’s dynamic urban culture. During the regularly held Art BGC Festival, you’ll get a chance to join walking tours that’ll show you these murals. Otherwise it’s easy to embark on your own tour with this map of mural sites :


3. Join a fun run

BGC is a prime location for races, and joining a fun run is no doubt one of the best ways to explore the city. I know you want to relax, but a good run will help you sweat all that stress and lift your mood. If you’re looking for upcoming runs stationed within the area, you may check Pinoy Fitness or Takbo PH. Otherwise, you can always go on a leisurely jog on your own, with BGC’s wide roads and pedestrian friendly streets, you’re granted a safe and energizing day ahead.

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4. Go shopping

Being a highly commercialized district, BGC is full of shopping areas. There’s Bonifacio High Street, Central Square, SM Aura Premier, Market! Market!, Uptown Mall, etc. I tell you, wherever you’re situated, you’ll always find yourself walking distance to at least one of these places. So get on your comfy shoes and go on a retail therapy. It is said to alleviate anxiety levels and a whole lot of psychology backs it up too. No shame in being a shopaholic!

5. Watch a movie

And not just a regular one, get it in 3D. For a more immersive experience, Bonifacio High Street Central Square offers 4DX movies that you’ll greatly enjoy. Read about my experience here! If you’re looking for more privacy and an exclusive feel, there’s SM Aura Premier’s Director’s Club and Uptown Mall’s VIP cinemas with the comfiest setup ever. Reclining La-Z-Boys anyone? I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

6. Visit parks and museums

BGC is home to a lot of interesting spots to chill out and get fresh air. There’s Track 30th which is perfect for morning jogs, meditation, and art appreciation. There’s Terra 28th for the child in you where you can marvel at the interactive playground and art installations. And finally there’s Turf BGC if you’re game for a round of football and a new set of friends!

BGC is also home to The Mind Museum, a world-class science museum with over 200 interactive exhibits and 5 main galleries. If you’re interested in history, there’s Philippine Army Museum and Library and Philippine Veterans Museum which are outside BGC area but is within Taguig City.

7. Go clubbing

If you’re feeling like you need a wild time, lash it out on the dance floor! The night scene in BGC is just as lively as its counterpart. There’s Valkyrie, The Palace Pool Club, Hyve, Club Haze, Prive Luxury Club and more. Dance and socialize like there’s no tomorrow. It may get wild, but if that’s just what your body needs, go for it!

8. Just chill

What else to do? If you don’t feel like going out, you can always enjoy your time alone. Wake up late, have a longer breakfast, go on a movie marathon, have pizza delivered, and finally catch up on your reading list. Take everything slow, bask in the pleasure of being still. Once in a while we need that time alone, cuddled up and away from worries and responsibilities. You deserve a lazy day from all that work!

9. Go on a food trip!


You shouldn’t miss this. The variety of restaurants littered around BGC is more than enough to fix even your most specific cravings. Walking around the district is not just a refreshing experience, but a gastronomically satisfying one too. BGC is a certified foodie hub, with lots of spots offering different restaurants. There’s Bonifacio High Street, Forbes Town Center, The Fort Strip, BGC Stop Over, and more! I haven’t even mentioned the malls! 😀

If  you’re lucky, there may just be a BGC Food Tour being organized during your stay where you can join fellow foodies on a food crawl to select restaurants in BGC.

10. Pamper yourself

Nothing beats a hard day than a complete pampering session. Manipedi + foot spa + full body massage is just the ideal package for someone who wants to reward herself for a job well done at adulting. If you don’t mind splurging, take advantage of your hotel’s in-house spa service. Otherwise, there are other more affordable options outside like The Spa, Manos Nail Lounge, Nail&Co, Cheenee & Cookie Salon, and more!

I’m sure there are more things to do that were not covered here but rest assured that you’ll never run out of things to do when you decided to stay at BGC. What other fun activities can you think of?

Happy staycation!