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Airbnb stay: The Infinity at BGC

My parents had an event at BGC last week and it was scheduled right smack in the middle of rush hour. Since we’re coming as a family, I figured it’s a chance to book for a short staycation. Good call too ‘cos I drove us that day and it frkn took us 3 hours to reach BGC huhu. Imagine if we didn’t book, I’d be stressing along the way and all our makeup would’ve melted and our getups super gusot gusot na.

Congratulations to my mom and dad for getting their service awards that night! They’ve been with Philamlife for 25 and 30 years respectively, wow. I didn’t even realize they’ve been in the financial business for so long. 😀

Anyway, I already have a BGC/Taguig Wishlist at Airbnb but I had to find a place which has free parking and is close to Ascott Hotel where the event is going to be.

My requirements: Cheap, has free parking, close to Ascott, nice interiors, and a lap pool.

And so I’m happy we found Miguel’s place at The Infinity. The unit we rented sits on the 44th floor, has 2 bedrooms, and is fully equipped, as in it’s livable long-term. And we only got it for ₱2,750 for that day. Subtracting the discount I got for registering with Nuffnang and thank you Lord for the savings!

The best part of our stay is really the view from the master’s bedroom because it has panoramic windows huhu I love iiiit. When I saw the photos on Airbnb, I had high expectations with the view. Thankfully I was not disappointed.

It overlooks a large green patch of land that is actually a cemetery. Since we figured that’s as much greenery as you can get in BGC, we just shrugged it off, either way it provides a really great view. During the night it looks like a black hole sucking in all the lights from the city lelz.

Parking was a bitch at first ‘cos the guards weren’t clear with their parking instructions. Do we park first of sign up at reception? It’s our first time there, and we didn’t know their parking rules. In the end they gave us specific slots to choose from ‘cos we couldn’t navigate ourselves in the lot. We even had a hard time looking for our slot cos we didn’t know where to look. There were labels on the floor and on the walls. It was so confusing. When we finally found where to park, we realized it would be super hassle cos the slots are in front of each other, as in if we go in, we have to call the car owner behind us to move out saglit. Kainis diba. So I did this stupid thing of parking between the two slots para wala na maka-park sa likod. Haha. Well, the guard called us out for it and I had to adjust the car. Bummer. Buti na lang walang ibang nagpark sa likod namin. 😛

So yeah, back to the unit.

Interiors? I’m not really a fan of their interiors but it does look clean and the linens are all fresh and comfy. At least there were no unsightly furniture. And in fairness to most of their wood furnishings, they’re all quality timber.

Kitchen? Fully stocked and loaded with everything you need to prepare a meal except for a rice cooker haha. They have an electric stove with oven, refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser, pots and pans, tons of glasses and mugs, plates, cutlery, and even a strainer! I mean we were planning to cook pasta so it was a pleasant surprise to see a big strainer haha.

Living? Cabled TV, Wifi, phone – check check check. In the future I want to make sure the TV is either Samsung or Sony (arte!) so that I wouldn’t have to bring my laptop and HDMI cable. You know how some TVs don’t play mkv or mp4 or doesn’t read subtitles? Yeah.

There’s also a separate phone for when you want to call the guard or something. Sosyal no, very hotel like.

Amenities? There’s a gym and lap pool so I was happy but I wasn’t able to try it cos my monthly visitor came huhu.

Bedrooms? I told you, the master’s view is to die for. The smaller room is okay too. Each of them has their own aircon. The common areas has a split type aircon. I just realized how gastos it seems to maintain this kind of life. Daming aircon lol.

Bonus! Laundry room — which could pass as a third bedroom or maid’s quarter ‘cos it has its own bathroom. But still, I was amazed at this room. All the cleaning stuff are there: mops and brooms, washer and dryer atop each other, ironing board and a portable sampayan, etc.

Looking at fully furnished condos like this is really a treat for me ‘cos I’m already dreaming of my own home too in the future. <3

Yam lol

Thanks for warm welcome!

Isn’t it nice to condo hop. haha I’ve been wondering for a long time why travelling doesn’t appeal much to me, then I realized I’m more of a city hopper than a nature tripper.

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