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I think I’ve completely forgotten how to blog about what’s up like how I used to. The Sunday Currently format doesn’t do well for me right now, there are just so many things that don’t fit in the categories anymore, and if I keep on changing them, might as well rename it. Anyway, lets do bullets – for old time’s sake (and I meant blockquote headers).


I did yoga twice this week. After fighting the urge to just lay down and sleep and dwell in the smell of my Royal Ponciana misted room, I decided to set up my mat and curl into child’s pose. It was quite a struggle. My room has become more homey lately thanks for my scented favorites and I didn’t want to get off my bed.

Ever since my first formal yoga class, I promised myself to make it a regular thing. So I downloaded a Hot A Yoga video from youtube, took out my rotting yoga mat, and bought a yoga block from Lazada. It was less stressful than the actual class because I don’t have a heated room and I kept the windows open to feel the air, but the poses and everything are still a pain to execute. I hope the back bends won’t aggravate my back issues though. XO

The background music I’m using for my exercise are all from Daily Yoga app. They have quite a good selection there, the only problem is I couldn’t download them as mp3s and couldn’t find them anywhere too. I did some research and thought of recording it using an app that captures internal audio but I couldn’t find a good app. I tried to use Audacity on my laptop instead so I downloaded  Bluestacks to launch the app, but I couldn’t find the right settings to record system audio. FINALLY, I landed on the best and easiest solution, which is to download the apk installer of the plugin containing the music, decompile it online, then extract the files. IT WORKED LIKE MAGIC. I did have to convert the ogg music files to mp3 but that’s easy peasy with all the online music converters. YEY.

I need 10 million pesos ($ 200,000.00)

Don’t we all? This is just a random thought (no, actually I have a wishlist for it already haha) but if I were to be given 10M right now with the condition that I spend it all and not save in the bank or invest in mutual funds and stocks (so you wouldn’t coach me into saving haha), here’s what I would buy:

2M goes to a new SUV for my parents. Isuzu MuX, Toyota Fortuner 2016 are my top choices. Our current SUV has been towed twice this month already and that’s not good. We’ve had it checked everywhere, including the casa, but no one seems to be getting it right. It still stops whenever the engine is running and we’re not moving, which makes it risky to bring in heavy traffic. It just worries us so much because towing costs ₱4,500 per haul. Grabe no.

5M goes to buying the vacant lot beside our house. I’m also eyeing the lot behind us but hey I only have 10M to spend HAHA. I want it so my parents would stop worrying about our street getting crowded and the trees around us getting pulled out. If granted, we’d most probably turn it into a vegetable yard and garage. Right now it’s been a regular source of santol, saging na saba, gabi, kangkong, and tanglad for us. It would be a pain to see it mowed huhu.

2M goes to expanding our apartment house. Also for my parents, I want to fund the expansion of our small apartment in Novaliches to add to their retirement funds; We would build a second and third floor and convert the ground floor to commercial units by putting up a water station and a laundry shop.

1M goes to building a small house for my parents at our vacant lot in Caloocan. It’s very very far from the metro but with the hopes of MRT possibly bringing civilization nearer, my parents have been very excited to settle there someday.

There you go! My 10M wishlist. All of them are actually for my parents, but if there’s some change I can use for myself I’d buy a:

Printing business – I don’t need much. Maybe just a starter equipment for silk screening and offset printing. I can learn to print and I can design things well so I thought this is the perfect business for me. 🙂

Hay plans! Hi Lord!

Moving on…

Cinderella and the Four Knights

Source: www.soompi.com

My heart has flipped over and over with this drama, I totally didn’t expect it! I hated the first episode because I thought the female MC (main character) isn’t pretty enough and so is the male MC. Only Ahn Jae Hyun (second male MC) has caught my eye but he still looks far too young for me, and I thought he was trying hard to act like Lee Min Ho — which he does so well, but you know. I just can’t get over the fact that they all looked like highschoolers, and to think they’re all over 20 years, with Ahn Jae Hyun being 29 and married! Why. Koreans. Why. Please tell us the secret formula to the elixir of youth.

Doctors has ended (and I haven’t finished watching)
W Two Worlds is slightly losing its grip on me right now
Uncontrollable Fond has totally lost its charm

I have nothing to look forward to except Cinderella and sadly it airs Fridays and Saturdays 23:00 Korean Time. The waiting is so agonizing. T__T

How are you?