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A few of my favorite scented things

Sharing a couple of things I’ve grown to love recently because of how they smell. <3 In no particular order:

#1 Messy Bessy’s Muscle Relief Rub

I mentioned about it in my previous post. This was the balm the yoga instructor put on our napes after our session which I instantly liked so even though I was trying to be super tipid that day, I bought one at Messy Bessy Glorietta. It sells at ₱300 for 100g. This rub, as I’ve learned, used to be called Yoga Love until the makers behind it teamed up with Messy Bessy to create a more organic formula, hence the rename.

I super love this product because after the camphor wears off it leaves a very pleasant smell probably due to green tea and certain essential oils. The consistency is a bit thin, but a little goes a long way already. The menthol lasts for around 30 minutes and doesn’t wear off easily even after taking a bath. 😀

#2 Precious Aroma Fragrance Mist – Royal Ponciana

IT SMELLS LIKE BABY POWDER ARG. It’s so relaxing entering a room covered in this scent. <3
#3 Precious Natural Air Purifier

Contains dried bamboo wood and charcoal. Helps purify the air daw lol. Actually I’m just looking to get natural air purifiers cos they’re cheaper hehe. This easily became my favorite because I use the fragrance mist on this and it really elevates the feel of my room. Sarap matulog. The design is super cute too! A pack contains four of these things, they’re roughly 4×4 inches and yep, it’s also from Precious Herbals.
I felt kindof cheated though cos I thought this was something new, but in fact you can find bamboo-charcoal air purifiers in hardware stores for half the price. K. At least cute yung akin lol.
#4 Precious Herbal Pillow

Not really promoting Precious Herbals but my recent haul from them proved to be so sulit! You may have chanced upon this in malls, they have kiosks pretty much at every SM Supermall, and recently I discovered they’re also selling at the Kultura section of SM Store.

I would put them under the category of compress pads but this isn’t your ordinary one. It’s filled with a variety of herbs such as cassia, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint AND IT SMELLS REALLY GOOD. Best thing I liked about this (aside from the smell) is that you can microwave it to heat it easily. I’ve been using it to relieve neck, back, and abdominal pain. What a wonder. Got mine at Lazada 🙂

#4 Neutrogena Body Oil

Last but not the least. I thought they weren’t selling this here but holey moley I found it at Watson. It’s among the look-for-assistance products that you can’t test or even take off the shelves so I was really bummed about it, how would people know it’s a great product? Good thing I’ve tried this before and I swear by it. It smells really mild, like uhm, a stationery and doesn’t dry off sticky. This became my lotion substitute because it works like one, except that it’s easier to apply. You can get yours at Lazada