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Month: August 2016

  • Life Lately and how do you do this again?

    I think I’ve completely forgotten how to blog about what’s up like how I used to. The Sunday Currently format doesn’t do well for me right now, there are just so many things that don’t fit in the categories anymore, and if I keep on changing them, might as well rename it. Anyway, lets do… Continue reading

  • A few of my favorite scented things

    Sharing a couple of things I’ve grown to love recently because of how they smell. <3 In no particular order: #1 Messy Bessy’s Muscle Relief Rub I mentioned about it in my previous post. This was the balm the yoga instructor put on our napes after our session which I instantly liked so even though I… Continue reading

  • The Yoga+ Makati Experience

    If I were to sum up my first formal yoga session in one word, it would be INTENSE. 90 minutes, 50 poses, and a room heated to 37 degrees – that’s how Hot A Yoga works. I was very excited to try it, but later on the class I had to recall what kind of… Continue reading

  • How to add a ‘Back to Top’ button on your blog with smooth scrolling (for Blogger)

    This isn’t something new, I picked this up from here and thought I should make a guide of my own specifically for Blogger users like myself. Features: ‘Back to Top’ button that fades into view at the bottom right corner of the page as you scroll down Fades out when you reach the top Smooth… Continue reading

  • Go gym-hopping with Fit Access

    Sometimes, a change in environment is all we need. If you could get a subscription than enables you to visit multiple gyms in a month, versus one that locks all your visits in a single gym, what would you choose? Here’s the perfect solution for fitness enthusiasts who easily get tired of routine and want… Continue reading

  • [Quick Tour] Kinetix Lab at UP AyalaLand TechnoHub

    Last year, the space at 2/F TechnoHub was occupied by Quantum Fitness (quick tour here)! I thought it would motivate me to work out, but it never happened (what’s new). A year later, the sign was put down, the ring was taken out, and they reopened as Kinetix Lab. They started renovating – installing rows of… Continue reading