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Life Lately and GoT’s Battle of the Bastards


Reading: Still Before We Were Strangers. I don’t know if it’s my attention span but I couldn’t seem to hold reading a book for 30 minutes. I like the story though. 😀

Watching: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards. It was sick, brutal, gut-wrenching, violent, epic, and, and, okay I’m quitting the thesaurus. It was incredible. This is probably my favorite episode as it had my heart pounding so hard the entire time the camera spanned the battle at Winterfell. It’s too epic for small screen. Thank you producers for giving us the battle we’ve been waiting for, though for a while I thought it was gonna be reduced to a one-on-one brawl after that pre-war chatter.

Listening: To the unusually peaceful hum of the airconditioning vent

Thinking: About why Rickon didn’t think of running in a zigzag/side-to-side to avoid being aimed at more accurately. It’s the most painful thing to watch. His death was expected, sure, but it still threw me off and I cried when Ramsey’s freaking arrow pierced through his chest. He did it on purpose, right when Rickon’s about to reach Jon’s hand. The misses were all for show, that bastard. And then the Bolton archers let loose and more arrows came raining down the kid’s dead body.

And oooh, Sansa’s kindof a breakthrough character this season. Her transformation to a pitiful damsel in distress to a lady of calm vengeance is noteworthy. Figures what three failed marriages can do to you.
Finally I can breathe, good riddance to Ramsay, though I must give it to him how excellent and brutish his military tactics were executed. 
Just one episode left for this season and we’re off to another painful year of waiting.

Smelling: Nothing

Wishing: For a sturdy wireless full keyboard and mouse. So I can use my laptop on stand/tent mode and look cooler haha. Also, the keyboard layout on ultrabooks are messing with my muscle memory.

Wearing: Some pants and a striped shirt

Loving: That I was able to drive and park alone already! The week after I got my sad excuse for a driver’s license, I asked my dad to accompany me everyday to the office. I drive to, he drives back, also because I didn’t know how to park yet. That weekend I studied parking and drove to the mall with my sister, braving Fairview Terraces’ level parking and successfully backing in on an empty spot. Thank God there were no other cars around, and I specifically chose the lot next to a post hehe. The following day, Sunday, I drove alone to Jeckie’s place. I was confident ‘cos I only had to park on the side of the street haha! Then on the way back, Jeckie accompanied me.

And now! After getting impatient waiting for the tricycle to fetch me, I decided to drive the car to the office, thinking I’ll just look for parking when I get there. I wasn’t really nervous. I texted one of my friends if he could accompany me while parking, I didn’t get a reply so I just took it to my own hands to park alone. THANK GOD I was able to! And this time, with two cars beside me, I’m so proud of myself.

Thank you so muuuuch Lord for keeping me safe! 😀 Also, I love you daddy! <3

Wanting: To uhm, finish my writing assignment today. Blog, don’t jinx.

Needing: Parking and gas funds. Hay.

Feeling: The sense of urgency for this writing job. Deadline’s looming! XD