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Ah, work

I came very early to work anticipating loads of things to do for this early morning (central time) test we have. But then I had to wait an hour past schedule because of some dependency. Then it was moved further in the afternoon (central time) because something came up. So I was pretty much forced to stay the entire eight hours, right when I was hoping to be home four hours back. Then when it was finally time for the test, our testing tool started acting up so it had to be fixed. More waiting, and so I blog.
I’m not really complaining, on the plus side, I was able to better validate our scripts. And while I was waiting I slept a little. I even had a dream!
Earlier this evening, my manager came to me and asked if I was willing to go back to the US the second time around. Of course I said yeah sure, but we both know it’s going to be near impossible. He just wanted word that I’m willing. It’ll be hard for me to apply for another business visa because I just came back last March and overstayed my original agenda of three months. My visa was valid for six months only, but I stayed five even though my itinerary says the meetings will be over in three months. It’ll be hard to justify that to the consul, and there’s a very high rejection rate for second time short-term business visa applicants. Oh well papel. Got me hyped for a while.
For the lack of photos in this post, let me share my latest watercolor piece! A project from one of the Skillshare classes I finished yesterday: 3 Step Watercolor: painting with layered washes
Will post the process separately. It’s a free class, you may want to try it out! 😀